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    New Apple TV Reviews Reveal Pros And Cons

    AndyAndy Posts: 1,127
    via Wordpress in
    imageNew Apple TV Reviews Reveal Pros And Cons

    If you have been following the new Apple TV launch, you may be aware that Apple has already started delivering the device to its customers. With the first batch of buyers having received their orders, we are now starting to see a number of reviews from across the blogosphere. You...

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    • SlySupermanSlySuperman Posts: 2
      via Wordpress

      i was thinking of buying one still mulling it over. wow I'm first. lol

    • wjg081694wjg081694 Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      i will buy it when it comes with iOS just like the iphone and ipad

    • BullfrogBullfrog Posts: 44
      via Wordpress

      Lets see what the hackers can come up with. If they can get Boxee running on it, I'm in.

    • iOS4iOS4 Posts: 60
      via Wordpress

      Well, i already got one and it came in today, Honestly i'm not worried about all the rentals in the Itunes store because i don't think i will be purchasing something i can always get online for free which i can stream through my ps3 to my TV or from my Macbook Pro

      The only reason i got it was for my bedroom so my hubby won't bother me when i'm doing all my fun stuff on the living room tv and she wants to watch movies on netflix. I will rethink of purchasing something from the itunes store when they have content in 3D for my 3D TV.

    • WolverinemarkyWolverinemarky Posts: 518
      via Wordpress

      i was gungho about it at first but it sounds to me like a simple rent and stream system and i much rather own what i purchase and have it linked to my account so i can watch it anywhere i want on any of my idevices

    • JustLookingJustLooking Posts: 6
      via Wordpress

      Omg people. Buy the TV episode while on your computer. You know your on it all day anyways, and then you can watch it anytime on your apple tv or your iPod. All this BS about not being able to purchase the tv shows is driving me nuts. All of your iTunes purchases ate for viewing on apple tv.

    • AndyAndy Posts: 1,127
      via Wordpress

      id rather get an xbox 360 for two hundred bucks (100$ more than apple tv) which does all that apple tv can do plus has a dvd player, you can purchase movies straight from the box, netflix, and you can download and play all the great games xbox has to offer all through xbox live.

      apple tv was good in concept when the original one came out a couple years ago. Now, that there are multiple options and better services out there apple tv seems dull and unimaginative which is unlike apple. all of apples idevices are anything but dull and unimaginative and this apple tv is a let down.

      people will buy it anyway because it has the apple logo on it and people dont make unbiased decisions when they see an apple product.

    • davedave Posts: 389
      via Wordpress

      Depends on what u wish to use this for, I have ordered one and Its going to replace my 4 year old airport express so I can stream ALL my music content to my living room via hdmi and now I can view the album artwork on screen and control it via universal remote. I will likely punch up my photo albums too but that's not an everyday thing.

      My western digital tv live hd plus supports nervous if I wish to use it, but it serves as a dlna client as I can watch mkv files unlike the ps3

    • davedave Posts: 389
      via Wordpress

      Nervous=netflix, bloody auto correction!!

    • KitkatKitkat Posts: 8
      via Wordpress

      How does thos compare to the boxee box?

    • nemonemo Posts: 5
      via Wordpress
      I just bought a apple TV but I'm wondering if it is worth the money and how much I will use itI have not opened the box yet my dead line is the 30th of Jan. to return it. I need some help in helping me make up my mine about the apple TV, I have DSL Ultra 1.5mbps so I'm thinking itis going to be slow buffering I also have an Airport Express Router, I do have some music in iTunes and I buy music now and then. Give me your voice in this matter, Thanks
    • DoraDora Posts: 1
      via Wordpress
      Hi Flipper,I also bought a fridge a few years ago that I stored in the garage thinking if I can ever use it or not... Unfortunately, my memory is very short, so I forgot to return in on time, and is still laying around down there. Don't do the same mistake please!DSL 1.5 is enough for streaming. When cable is down, I frequently watch Netflix on my 3g router and it works just fine (around 1 mbps max). Apple TV also works smoothly with iTunes, and also has the benefits of AirPlay, that will be even better after the release of Mountain Lion (which will include AirPlay like iPhone 4S and iPad2 and 3).Good luck with your decision, Mimo!
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