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    Apple Products Are Not Allowed In The Gates Household - Melinda Gates



    • LavenderLavender Posts: 130
      via Wordpress

      I had 3g video calling in my Nokia 6120 Classic and used it regularly to keep in touch with my family - who had Samsung 3g mobiles. Since I got my iphone3gs I've really missed video calling.

      I'm not due to upgrade my phone for another year - but as of now, the iphone4 can *NOT* do 3g video calling. Only a sycophantic apple-to-apple proprietary video call - none of my family have iphone4's either.

      All right I'll admit one thing ... I don't actually know what sycophantic means. But I stand by the rest!

    • ACAC Posts: 43
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    • RahatRahat Posts: 2
      via Wordpress

      Dave, there was no 2G! The 1st gen is also called the Iphone 2G! And, from your comment it sounds like that u wanted to mean the 3G as the 2G! And Dave, you are all wrong!
      Iphone has the hardware ID 1,1
      Iphone 3G has the hardware ID 1,2
      Iphone 3GS has the hardware ID 2,1
      and finally, the Iphone 4 has 3,1
      which means, The first Dave was right about what he said! Before, commenting or replying someone else's comment, you yourself should first know what you are talking about.

    • RahatRahat Posts: 2
      via Wordpress

      Eurosnob is a stupid kid like June said.

      But, I would say that neither OS X nor Windows sucks. But, its true that OS X got the best looks and feature/compatibility wise Windows is the best. And, I also hate how Apple wants to control how and what people should like/do with their Computers.

      As a security researcher, I have to use all the OS frequently. And, I always love Windows and my Iphone 4.

    • davedave Posts: 389
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      I highly doubt steves child would ask for a zune!! Lol. I don't think you have ever seen or used one lol. Do they still sell them?

    • davedave Posts: 389
      via Wordpress

      2g = 2nd generation iPhone Aka iPhone 3G and yes I'm all correct thanks

    • StanStan Posts: 192
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      I think both the Gates and Jobs family are petty. Wouldn't it be fun to say... hey! it's technology and I want to try my rival's product. How about complimenting each other's effort?

      Let's be realistic, both families have had serious impact on our lives and the way we do things today. I believe these efforts are NOT to be undermined.

      I would be mad at my Dad if he wouldn't allow me to play with whatever toy I wanted to have. I can understand how the children of these two families must feel. But I can't understand why their parents simply deprived them of their basic human rights. To put more salt on injury, Mrs Gates is proud about it. SHAME on her.

      Shame on you Merlinda!

    • GrimeGrime Posts: 216
      via Wordpress

      I have an Iphone 4, I think its great, I only wish it was more reasonably priced. I have android phone also, and it can do pretty much anything the iphone can do, and the great thing about it you can get one for a lot less. In my opinion the only thing that separates the iphone from android are apps. They have more apps and more app developers, and thats what makes the all the difference. If I could get the exact same apps for an android device I would jump ship in a second, and save alot of money at the same time. I don't want to even get into it about At&t, and being locked into a specific carrier, thats a story for another day. Just my 2 cents. lol

    • MarMar Posts: 4
      via Wordpress

      All you dissing the iPhone... Mmm apple change everything about the smart phone, with their first phone ever. Y u dissing the FaceTime. Yes it's been around, but think about it isn't hard to out all that stuff into a phone like the 3G? It's already big enough, I bet I they would have put a front facing camera it would have been difficult. And they were verly starting with phones. There stilll experimenting. Nokia has been around for ever. Like way before iPhone came out. And the screens aren't big. (Werent) iPhone has a huge screen compare to those phones. Also htc had front facing camera but it came out after the 3GS so I guess apple didn't think ppl would really want it. Now look at the iPhone 4 it's like wow. Also the copy paste yeah that took long. Also the mms. Just think thu apple is pretty new. By know they know what ppl mostly want. So just give them time. Maybe two more years.

    • mrklean01mrklean01 Posts: 12
      via Wordpress

      But the said thing is both Gates and Jobs are secretly using each others products when they are in closed door session.... the bathroom where most people do there serious thinking , just imagine or not Bill Gates and Steve Jobs sittin on the crapper saying damn I wish I had thought of that, Gates with a Jailbroken iPhone saying damn wish I could get CYDIA on my windows phone , and Jobs sayn I wish I wish upon more sales of the White iPhone lol so people if you really believe that Bill and Steve don't have a windows base phone or a Iphone your slow and I bet money Steve Jobs has a Jailbroke Iphone 4 lol just my 3 cents

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