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    Report Claims White iPhone Delay Is Due to Camera Performance Issue

    WhizkidWhizkid Posts: 135
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    imageReport Claims White iPhone Delay Is Due to Camera Performance Issue

    As Apple continues to delay the launch of the white iPhone 4, rumor mills too continue to churn out new versions of the possible causes behind it. Just a day after Apple confirmed that there would be no white iPhone 4 until the Spring of 2011, folks over at Cult...

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    • J3r03nJ3r03n Posts: 3
      via Wordpress

      iPhone 4 white will never be released.. #fail

    • TaiMaiShuTaiMaiShu Posts: 10
      via Wordpress

      I think the rumor is bs coz my friend went all out and bought a diy kit to change his black IP4 to a white IP4.(backplate white front etc.) He never complained about camera issues caused by the phones body color. The way rumors are about the phone make it seem if the phone was totally transparent!!

    • bip4bip4 Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      What's so great about a White ip4 its not as if it's covered on gold it'll only be covered with a case and what's the colour got to do with camera performance i think apple is building up the hype so that by the time they release it everybody will want one i personally like the black phones that's why I got a black one

    • ZangZang Posts: 153
      via Wordpress

      Those aren't apple OEM covers though ;)

      I know, I work with this stuff every day...

      But the cover about the camera?
      I do find that hard to believe.

      I'm more leaning towards the antennagate issue.

      Like I said, those your friend are using aren't actually OEM covers. But think about this then for a sec too.

      IF they aren't OEM covers, and there are NO issues, then why would apple be having the problem huh? ;)

    • KwopauKwopau Posts: 294
      via Wordpress

      The antennagate issue isn't the reason why they delayed the white iphone 4. The white model is just like the black model and it will suffer the death grip issue if holding it wrong. I would say it is the white quality issue that they are having.

    • KwopauKwopau Posts: 294
      via Wordpress

      Also forget the white, just get the black. Even if the white comes out on spring 2011, your only 3 month away from the next generation, so it's definitely worth waiting for.

    • KwopauKwopau Posts: 294
      via Wordpress

      Agreed, Black is so much better. There is nothing special about the white. The white models will be the same exact model as the Black one, no changes to the hardware, it's only the color difference.

    • fasfas Posts: 2,297
      via Wordpress

      I am sure if Apple wants to launch it, it can get around it.

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