Apple To Release iOS 4.2 For iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch Today [Updated]



  • Kwopau
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    Just and F.Y.I.

    Apple cancelled the 4.2 build, but instead 4.2.1 is out so you should change your headline to read iOs 4.2.1 For iPhone, iPad And iPod touch Now Available For Download.

  • R2R
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    Guys, please comment if anyone tried to jb with 4.2.1 and if so your results.

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  • Mojanemojan
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    Yes unlock please!

  • Dallas Watch
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    Truthfully? I'd prefer an Apple TV purchase over an extra cable box, a DVD player, or even a good quality terrestrial antennae. I mean, who REALLY cares about that stuff anymore?
    It's the same reason you would buy a DVD player. Many Apple TV owners setup their computers as ZERO-fuss media servers and rip all of their DVDs to video files they can pelt with meta data (thanks Meta X) and access instantly from any room in the house simultaneously. And then there's Netflix (arguably the best implementation on a consumer device), your music, YouTube (old fateful), rentals (I'm shocked I've went for a $1.99 movie I'd wanted to see, but there you are), and Podcasts (the visual directory is excellent)... and now AirPlay. I'm sorry, but in the world most people are in, a $99 price point was a big consideration with Roku the day before Apple released rev. 2 of Apple TV. It's STILL a nice price point for everything you're getting (and that's why Roku lowered their price).

  • Sandy
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    if I am on a jailbroken device and want to upgrade will I lose all my apps that I have downloaded through Cydia and **** means? or is there something I can do to keep all of those apps moving forward? I know to back up before doing anything...but just curious if anyone can point me to a walkthrough in updating to 4.2 and not losing any apps.

  • Danny Kennedy
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    Right now if you open the Itunes and connect the Iphone to itunes. Sometime Automatic message showing Update. Normally just check Upgrade and seeing the message news firmware 4.2 already to Upgrade.
    Please! Release the Unlock code for Iphone Modem Firmware 05.14.02 thank you so much.