Dev Team Will Release Redsn0w For iOS 4.2.1 Untethered Jailbreak Over Christmas Weekend; Looking For



  • NativeCanadian
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    Here is a question that I cannot seem to get a straight fix on regardless of how much I read. I am currently on 4.0.1 on both of my phones, is it possible to update them to 4.2.0 and still get an untethered jailbreak? Is it even possible to update to 4.2.0 if I download the firmware, and point to it from iTunes, is apple still signing, or can I get my own blob and sign it? (really not sure how that works). It seems like 4.2.1 only was a fix to the untethered solution, so how can I get 4.2.0 on these phones, or am I completely wrong, and that firmware is bad too, or cannot be jail broken, etc… Anyone that can point me to a site, or blog, etc that can give me the answers would be great, or maybe if you know, you could tell me, and then others who read this thread can learn without asking. Thanks in advance
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    I am so tired Reboot with PC window at 3gs. My son play a game then he reboot the iphone because He don't known it and till when I been home and reboot with PC again.??????????I hate Tethered????
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    jailbreak released
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    @sunny...wil the new jailbreak release unlock my iphone4 4.1 baseband 2.10.04