Hacks Brings AirPlay Streaming To Linux and Windows; Enables Streaming Of AVI Files, DVD Content To

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imageHacks Brings AirPlay Streaming To Linux and Windows; Enables Streaming Of AVI Files, DVD Content To Apple TV

We had reported about TUAW blogger and hacker Erica Sadun's application called AirPlayer that enabled users to stream media content from an iDevice to a Mac using AirPlay.

It was simply put, a custom Bonjour service that lets a Mac identify itself as an Apple TV to the AirPlay app and trick it into playing stuff on the Mac. As you might be already aware, while AirPlay is a cool feature, the sad part about it was that it only works with the Apple TV 2G.

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    Apple could have sold this separately themselves.
  • Doz
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    My views? Oh okay... Apple tv in it's current factory functionality is a rip off. If it cannot airplay any airplay-enabled device nor stream any Internet content, then serious hacking like the one by Erica and co is just about the best beta functionality much needed in the $99 rip off black box. Now, I'm betting Apple will not have a future software update to satisfy these multifunctionalities until a competitor comes up with a $49 gadget that airplays any airplay-enabled device or browse/stream any Internet content, as well as act like "a wifi repeater." yea, a bit into d unrealistic, but you get the picture— GoogleTV. Unfortunately, GoogleTV is hidden under other shephards' flock for now, or vice versa.What do you think?
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    Ya. Know apple and their "closed" policy , I dont think apple will provide such "luxurious" functions to us users. They want you to practically use their format of video decoding only: mov, 3gp etc. So, I bet we won't be hearing officially from apple about streaming videos in avi or mkv or other formats not " native " to apple. And they may use the same old " for security reasons wr are not providing those functionality (for Internet video streaming and other outside of apple streaming)" . This is how apple work their way to get you into their closed world where they can milk your money from you. So guys, don't expect too high of apple giving you any freedom in functionality-- THEY ARE CONTROL FREAKS , CONTROL FREAKS, I repeat : CONTROL FREAKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!