Analyst Claims iPad 2 And iPhone 5 Will Get Dual-Core Chip

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imageAnalyst Claims iPad 2 And iPhone 5 Will Get Dual-Core Chip

Ashok Kumar, an analyst at Rodman & Renshaw claims that Apple’s iPad 2 and iPhone 5 will come with a dual-core chip to compete with RIM’s PlayBook, which is scheduled to be launched in early 2011 and Android “Honeycomb” based Motorola Tablet.

According to the analyst, the next generation iPad will get a dual-core processor featuring a pair of 1GHz ARM Cortex A9 cores.

The Rodman & Renshaw analyst claims:

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  • iphone 4 unlocked
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    dam a new iphone soon =/ that sucks
  • Alessandro91
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    I believe another proof of that is the inclusion, in iOS 4, of GCD (Grand Central Dispatch)... That was first created for multi-core Macs (introduced with OSX 10.6), and let developers handle multiple threads much easier.As the iPhone/iPad did have a single-core CPU, GCD is not showing its full possibilities... But, if that was introduced thinking to the next "A5" CPU...
  • Jason
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    That would be awesome but what about power consumption. I like my iPhone and iPad battery life. But im not opposed to it either.
  • k.dubb
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    good point. it would definitely be awesome if the dual-core processor doesn't consume extra battery life. but i suppose the good ppl at Apple are already on top of maybe a better lithium-ion polymer battery is on the way.
  • ............
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    well, didn't ARM came up with a ultra fast but low consumption chipset? I bet if APPLE invest more into battery technology, things will better.
  • phosphorus
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    Every year apple improves battery life and the processor speed. I assume this year won't be an exception.
  • FredMC
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    hmmm maybe the iPhone 5 should have dual battery too.
  • fas
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    wot is the use of all this wen apple cant even offer them on time
  • Sam
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    would luv a multicore system, maybe they can tweak the A5 for variable clocks even turning off one core, doubt it ... still variable clocks maybe the best bet to balance heat, power and performance, don't know about cost though ... Steve really wants to maintain those high margins on the ios devices ... still Im not very familiar with ARM architectures it can't really be compared to the likes like Nehalem found in the epic core i7s ... for now Im just hoping.
  • The Dre
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    FredMc: Stupid? Dual core ARM consumes less power handling the same tasks as a single
  • iPhonist5Gs
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    I put all my russian roubles on Intel's Atom Moorestown SOC which runs on 1.5GHz and is proven to be extreme power efficient. Apple must have a working prototype iPhone 5 already and the Atom Moorestown soc is available since May 2010 so i wouldnt be suprised if Jobs already gone back to Apple's roots of chosing Intel as the cpu/gpu supplier for its devices.
  • Steve
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    Any chance of a larger screen size? I know it might cause a little havoc with existing apps, but......That might give room for extra battery space.
  • Andrew R
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    Uh, they won't. ARM processors are incredibly efficient with battery life, more so than a huge laptop processor. I don't care how power sipping the atom processors are, the ARM processors always will be more power efficient. Also, Intel GPUs suck.