Softbank Brings NFC Technology To iPhone 4 For Mobile Payments

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imageSoftbank Brings NFC Technology To iPhone 4 For Mobile Payments

It is a known fact that when it comes to cellular phone technology, Asian countries like Japan and South Korea are a generation ahead of the West. Technologies like NFC (Near Field Communications), a short range wireless technology, which enables support for "tap and go" credit and debit card payments and public transport fare payments while on the move is yet to take off in the West.

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    Anyway, I think this would be a wonderful addition to the iPhone.It's a shame that similar technology hasn't already taken off. Last whiff of anything I heard were those quick passes utilized at gas stations... and that was AGES ago.
  • fas
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    intersting tech, wat abt the apple patented stuff for ecommerce?
  • not so savvy
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    More ways for the criminals to defraud innocent people
  • Crazy Asylum
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    The edy would be very useful for taxi's, less cash to carry around..
  • midkidd
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    Stupid clumsy American government... The reason we dont have this technology and similar useful tech is because our laws and the FCC (Federal communications commission). I was in south Korea and they have been video calling, or face time as we know it, for years. they even have video calling pay phones!! I can't lie though, I was wondering why the Korean people were tapping they're phones against the device that grants access to the trains... This Tech will be very usefull in metro cities like New york.On a side note, Why are we just now getting 4G? And when is ATT gonna get 4G because 3G is starting to seem slow!
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    I have an easier, and cheaper, solution: I stick my Pasmo/Edy card inside my iPhone case. Same result, no sticker. Obviously, it requires a full case, but if you're sticking that thing on the back of your phone, what's the point of a bumper case anyway?