Verizon Offering AT&T's iPhone Customers Attractive Trade-in Credit?

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imageVerizon Offering AT&T's iPhone Customers Attractive Trade-in Credit?

If you’re an AT&T iPhone customer who is planning to switch to Verizon when the Apple's iPhone is available on its network early next month then it looks like Verizon wants to make things easier for you.

Macrumors is reporting that Verizon will be offering AT&T’s iPhone customers credit if they trade-in their AT&T iPhone for Verizon iPhone.

AT&T iPhone customers will get the following amount of credit for trading-in their GSM iPhones:

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  • bruno
    bruno Posts: 19
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    I will not be switching because I won't be able to simultaneously be on a call and utilize data features whilst on the Verizon CDMA network. Until that's fixed, I'll stay on GSM with AT&T.
  • Lee
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    Will verizon pay for my early termination feed
  • Digitaltouch
    Digitaltouch Posts: 48
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    Well wifey is about to call very soon to find out if we could get the unlimited data plan because we use to have it. Were going to try to pull some strings and maybe tell att that were planing on moving to verizon then. But I have a feeling there not going to care as I got my phone after jun 1. But if that verizon thing is true it could help in my high a$$ ETF.
  • iPhone pervert
    iPhone pervert Posts: 7
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    I'll stay with AT&T. Verizon won't allow Internet surfing n calling simultaneously, I do tht alot, they won't offer roaming service to my home country, once on cmda switching handheld will require a trip to verizon shop and so on. All the bells n whistles aside AT&T is far better choice for me at this point.
  • John
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    I used to work at att, starting out as a call center rep and moving my way up the ranks until quitting as a floor manager. I can tell you that your bargaining power rests in your contract status. Also, each rep's personality is very different and while one rep may offer you the deal, another rep may not. They're all authorized to do so at their own discretion.I was one of the nicer reps and usually understood what the customer wanted to achieve and worked around that. If the rep is in a good mood, he'll give credit like it's air. You just have to be nice and understanding while you're trying to coax the rep into doing what you want him/her to do for you.For example. Customers who aren't under contract, I've given them $10/mo discounts on their bill for 6-12 months just for being loyal. I've also waived fees for upgrades, activations, etc when the situation convinced me that it was worthy. The asses that talked to me, I denied all of their requests and noted their account that the customer called specifically to get away with not paying for service and to deny their requests.
  • Johanyh
    Johanyh Posts: 3
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    I am an AT&T customer. I will stay with AT&T
  • Smulee
    Smulee Posts: 2
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    You can sell used iphone on ebay for lot more.
  • JamesSanT
    JamesSanT Posts: 1
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    I'm going to wait for the next iPhone then I'm going to switch from AT&T to Verizon. Screw you AT&T for your unpleasant customer service, bloated prices, and spotty service. Thanks AT&T for making this switch easy for me!
  • Vincent
    Vincent Posts: 37
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    AT&T won't budge so I'm leaving I need unlimited data
  • King
    King Posts: 27
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    This is a bad deal from verizon... I could sell my iPhone 4 for upwards of $500 and they are offering a $360 credit? Give me a break... Another reason not to go with these Nazi'sAT&T > Verizon
  • michael dow
    michael dow Posts: 5
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    i pay alot of money for my contract with at&t but i think in my area it has the worse drop calls its not the iphone its the service i get 90% drop call in my home in brooklyn ny its like i am giving my money away to at7t for nothing its just so sad i dont see what at&t can do to keep me as a customer.
  • ATT
    ATT Posts: 4
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    Nooooooooooooooooo to Verizon
  • USA
    USA Posts: 16
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    i feel bad for android... i can't wait to see how sorry verizon is......... ATT gsm is a better phone.....
  • Digitaltouch
    Digitaltouch Posts: 48
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    So my wife called and let me tell you it wasn't easy. We had the iPhone 3G for two years with unlimited data, on aug 2010 contract finished so instead of going with the iPhone 4 I went to in other carrier for a week after that we went back to att and got the iPhone 4. So they didn't give us unlimited data because we canceled our contract and basically started new. So today wifey calls and tells the rep that we would like unlimited data as verizon is going to give to there customers unlimited and they would pay 280 dollars for us to switch. They rep said I can't do it for us. So my wife could I speak to a manager? So she came on and talked to my wife and at the end of everything the manager said ok we will give it to you starting on the 6th of feb. Were happy we don't have to deal with watching our data no more. Wish ya luck in trying. Just be nice and no what your saying.
  • supernova
    supernova Posts: 14
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    Are you kidding me???? Why would you feel bad for Android?? Seriously.. I don't see the reason behind your statement.. Do you read the news from mobile websites?? Android is creeping up and about to surpass iOS!!! Yeah, I know, they're making it sound like iPhone would regain momentum as soon as VZW starts selling the iPhone.. But trust me, those people that will sign up to VZW iPhone deal, are the same people that's been using iPhone from ATT.. Because those who have Android, would definitely stick with Android and all it's glory!! Do you see how many Android devices are coming out this year?? Tegra CPU's (dual cores!) etc?? And iPhone has what in line?? White casing??? Come one now.. Get your facts together!! And lastly, with that same reason why ATT will go down the drain.. Their limited data, dropped calls etc.. The only reason why they're still #2 on the top wireless provider here in the US right now, is because of iPhone.. And now that VZW is offering iPhone, it's only a matter of time before ATT becomes the 3rd or 4th on the TOP wireless providers here in the US!! Besides, Android is the future.. Those who sticks with iPhone's are just fanboys.. Android has just wayyyyyyyyy too many to offer compared to iPhone.. And that's a fact!!
  • Seth
    Seth Posts: 17
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    No get the credit and you get to keep your phone to sell it. The credit is just for switching over.
  • Jayydoggy
    Jayydoggy Posts: 28
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    Supernova your an idiot Enough said
  • oh Yeah?
    oh Yeah? Posts: 8
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    What the use in being able to do both simultaneously, if you can't get the reception to do both to start off with. And what about the processor speed required to do both at the same time? Don't settle for second best.
  • Roger
    Roger Posts: 65
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    I seen ads that AT&T can give people a small 3g box that connects to your high speed internet for $20 a month and unlimited minutes. It would be less than paying for a home phone.
  • Tony
    Tony Posts: 145
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    "AT&T iPhone customers will get the following amount of credit for trading-in their GSM iPhones:" I really don't think it is just for switching over and you can keep your phone to sell... it wouldn't make sense for them to differentiate between models that way... but if that is the case (and I highly, highly doubt it) I'll switch to Verizon, drop my Samsung phone, and run dual iPhone4s...
  • obviouscoin
    obviouscoin Posts: 2
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    I suppose CDMA is okay - that is, if you don't travel internationally. Kind of useless otherwise.
  • dee
    dee Posts: 56
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    What i dont get is why would verizon want iphones that originally only works with a tmobile nerwork or att? they cant activate it and give it to customers why would they take another netwirk scraps is beyond me!
  • gil
    gil Posts: 34
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    Probably to sell overseas since most of Europe is gsm network. And any iPhones that stay here would most likely see they're way back to AT&T for new service contracts, in about 3 years you'll see more iPhones on CDMA here in the U.S. Topping gsm.
  • Gabriel
    Gabriel Posts: 7
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    I really don't plan on leaving AT&T because the next gen iPhone is on the way, I sell my phone and wait for the updated iPhone in June-July.
  • Frank
    Frank Posts: 215
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    There are no 16gb iPhone 2G FYI
  • dave
    dave Posts: 389
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    its not useless cause the iphone for verizon will be made in dual gsm/cdma mode
  • will2713
    will2713 Posts: 0
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    why get an iphone midcycle? wait until July!
  • will2713
    will2713 Posts: 0
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    i use a rooted Droid X running Gummyjar ROM to give free tethered wifi to my jailbroken IPod Touch for Facetime. & to the IPad. Who needs an IPhone? I have an old 3G white IPhone that went thru the washing machine. Still works great as an IPod but the screen is faded. It's not the LCD display but a logic board problem. I may fix it.