iPhone Nano: More Details Revealed

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imageiPhone Nano: More Details Revealed

The iPhone nano rumor mill is working overtime. First we heard that Apple is working on a smaller and cheaper iPhone, which could be priced at $200 without requiring a contract.

Then we heard that the person who saw the iPhone nano prototype claimed that it could come with edge to edge screen.

Now, Cult Of Mac claims that Apple will cut costs on iPhone nano by reducing the on-board memory and will allow users to access their iTunes library wirelessly via the revamped MobileMe service.

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  • Nice One!
    Nice One! Posts: 5
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    no onboard, thats stupid
  • Peng12
    Peng12 Posts: 21
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    I personally I don't give a rats ass about an iPhone nano. 2 me it will b like saying I have a Ferrari but in reality all I've got is a clapped out old banger with a Ferrari badge stuck 2 it
  • SirGigalot
    SirGigalot Posts: 2
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    I I don't believe it, the phone would basically be useless without network access. you would not be able to store anything for offline usage....ie no games, no apps, no music, no videos, no nothin,thats just ludicrous. If its real, it will have to have some kind of storage.
  • T
    T Posts: 71
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    Apple trying to corner the lower end market or a womens phone for little(er) hands??Either way, limited memory would suit a lot of people who just use their device as a phone as not everyone uses the devices full potential (won't mention the already limited functions of ALL idevices in comparison to Android OS)
  • Wolverinemarky
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    cant imagine an iPhone without the Apps so im calling hogwash to this story of a nano iPhone
  • Mr.Siks
    Mr.Siks Posts: 5
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    Can anyone say SD/Micro SD slot? There was mention of a possible SD slot in future iPhone/iPad models...maybe?
  • Shrivatsa Somany
    Shrivatsa Somany Posts: 13
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    Seriously? This can't be true. an iPhone without the App Store..? LOL Without onboard storage? The person who even thought about starting such a rumor is dumb to begin with, therefore the rumor cant get any better.
  • sleeper
    sleeper Posts: 1
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    Funnily enough, in the last month, I've given up my iPhone, in favour of a small Nokia, which is faster, and simpler to use, although a lot less functional than the iPhone. I get all my functionality like email, news, etc on the iPad, and the Nokia is just a phone, for calls, and texts, and that's it. I put my music on an iPod Nano.So an iPhone nano, that just did phone, and texts would be fine for me. I don't need apps on it (maybe a calculator and a clock), and it would need a little memory for contacts, but that's about it. But it would have to be small, and I have a feeling that to power a full screen phone, you need an iPhone-sized battery. We'll see.
  • mydan99
    mydan99 Posts: 21
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    This is a stupid idea if true, first of all no network means no phone, second of all if this is aimed at people who just want to phone, I'm sure there is a better phone such as a nokia that does a better Job and costs less than 200... I can't see any potential... Unless someone wants a 200 device with an apple logo...
  • NorGod
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    what the **** is wrong with Apple........how bout the iPhone 5....will be better if we can hear rumors about the iPhone 5.....
  • fas
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    Looks like no functions of an iPod in it either.
  • Fyta
    Fyta Posts: 29
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    I can only imagine a really simplified iPhone as the "iPhone nano".Imagine the ipod nano. Retail is $149, has a touch screen, several basic apps, 4GB storage. Now add that to a basic phone; which can't be more then $100. Now share the hardware between them, and I think you could have a very basic iPhone for $200, which would have just as many features as anyone else's "feature phone".That's how I imagine an iPhone nano. Take everything about iPod nano and add phone function. Simple, small, easy to use.
  • bandrax
    bandrax Posts: 29
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  • melvarius
    melvarius Posts: 200
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    It'll be running windows 7 mobile and android OS over cloud next and using the owners lifeforce to power it lololololol. Assuming there is some semblance of truth to the rumour some folks will be dumb enough to part with **** loads of cash for it. Bags first place in the queue for a nokia/win7 phone. probably a lot cheaper too hahaha
  • putters
    putters Posts: 57
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    First off, if apple figures out a way to stream apps, then it is still possible. It's Apple don't forget.Second, You can't forget that this IS "Apple", the company who produces more expensive products for a better, unified experience. There is no way there will be a cheap iphone because it would diminish sales of the first iphone and challenge their app ecosystem.Verdict: Sources might have this confused with...a refreshed iPod Nano or classic with wifi connectivity. The classic is many generations old and reducing memory would help make it thinner. Touch is becoming simpler, so a touch screen could replace the click wheel (like they did with the nano). With the nano, you could make it even thinner and cheeper by removing the memory.
  • Key
    Key Posts: 202
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    i think i'm gonna start my own iphone rumor and see if it gets posted on this site....
  • Go Grande
    Go Grande Posts: 1
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    Forget the nano with no memory (no apps come on really) who would want it. I want an IPhone grande with at least 64 gig & an over 4" rentna display. Apple need to stay ahead of the newest droid not fall behind.
  • Lavender
    Lavender Posts: 130
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    SD slot is not a bad idea - to offload memory costs to the purchaser, the device would still look cheap on the catalogue. I'd expect Apple to encrypt data into a proprietary format to make itunes sync still mandatory.
  • Lavender
    Lavender Posts: 130
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    I heard Apple would cut further costs by making the entire phone imaginary. You just cup your hand to your ear, close your eyes and picture an image of Steve Jobs in your mind until it brings a subtle smile to your lips. Truly a phone fit for an emperor.Anyone else who can't see the phone is not fit for their Job(s).
  • Simon Cowell
    Simon Cowell Posts: 9
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    What about SD cards? Wouldn't that work? It would save tones of money make the phone slimmer and make it possible to carry tons of different things acessabke by swapping out an SD card.
  • asger
    asger Posts: 49
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    I simply don't believe that apple would launch a product like this. It's not how apple roll, high pricing - aggressive marketing.
  • Jordan
    Jordan Posts: 163
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    if every thing is in the cloud and its a nano that means a smaller battery -- it would be dead in an hour
  • Zang
    Zang Posts: 153
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    Not to burst your bubble but iDevices can support and duel boot into Android OS as well...There is a lot that can be done, and it's not limited at all if you are adept at programming and own a jailbroken phone....Seriously, iOS standard might be limited, but jailbroken iOS opens up a whole new arena for it with customization etc.Hell how about the fact got windows 95 running on emulation with warcraft on it? Can android os do that? :P
  • SiLeNcEbOnE
    SiLeNcEbOnE Posts: 30
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    Well Apple should start thinking of letting the iphone nano have atleast 2gb of onboard memory.Does anyone know except for it maybe not having any onboard memory what other specs it might have?
  • Spiderman
    Spiderman Posts: 9
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    Slashing onboard memory would slash sales but I guess this will make cheaper iPhone affordable to more people
  • John
    John Posts: 790
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    I think it's a false rumor.
  • T
    T Posts: 71
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    Bubble still happily intact :) who really wants win95 on their idevice?Android does dualboot, but there's so many bugs in that 'port' its nothing like even the most basic 1.6How many ios users can sit and add code? <1%??can ios run custom ROMs? (No)can ios run perfmods? (No)is ios top of smartphone sales (No)does ios give the user full BT functionality? (No)80+% of ios users just want an iphone due to blanket bombardment advertising.Before you whine, I own 5 ios devices and a Dell Streak (5) and I use my Streak (Android 2.2) far more than iosdevices limited functionsI have Control over what I want on my device now, no more itunes to load a track (bluetooth does that)Share my photos? BT again. Movies in 720? 32 gig card and a whole selection of players to choose from.No longer do I sit and wait for muscleneds tweets of "stay away from xxx update" until he's personally got everyone else to check it for him to tweet about.Only Fanboys believe that jailbreaking turns their devices into a top level device.Android gives you the features ios has yet to include out of the box (unless your with at&t)But feel free to continue with your misguided beliefs and see you on Android when your brains get fixed :)