Apple Working On iPhone 5 Prototype With Slide-Out Keyboard?

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imageApple Working On iPhone 5 Prototype With Slide-Out Keyboard?

Folks at report that Apple is working on three prototypes for the next generation iPhone. claims that one of the iPhone 5 prototype includes a slide-out keyword.

Taiwanese site which has a strong track record when it comes to Apple related news, reports:

There are three iPhone5 prototypeone is a sliding cover which

Is the introduction of the keyboard after the side cover

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  • Abel
    Abel Posts: 183
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    I don't mind a slide-out keyboard, as long as it's vertical. I HATE landscape. Everything is too far away from each other.
  • Playafied
    Playafied Posts: 55
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    I can actually see Apple making an iPhone with a physical keyboard. Think about it... it would be another choice in the iPhone series (iPhone Nano, iPhone Regular, and the iPhone slider)Looks like Apple is feeling the heat from other platforms like Android and WM7 that have numerous phones that carry their OS. Don't see it as a bad idea IMO
  • Rod
    Rod Posts: 33
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    1st! this would be gross
  • simone
    simone Posts: 13
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    I don't need the slide out keyboard. I'm a gun at the touch screen!
  • Investor
    Investor Posts: 16
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  • Abel
    Abel Posts: 183
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    You weren't even close, moron.
  • KS
    KS Posts: 14
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    Hell No...iPhone with physical keyboard is not call an iPhone...
  • Pacomac
    Pacomac Posts: 145
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    We are over the keyboard now, I'd rather have a thinner phone and use the touch screen. The only people wanting a physical keyboard are those that haven't spent time using a touchscreen! I would argue a touchscreen is much faster.
  • DJ
    DJ Posts: 38
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    might be good to add keys or directional pad for gaming
  • janiha
    janiha Posts: 0
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    Not so long ago I saw a video of a motivational speaker (can't remember his name) who talked about innovators and followers. He gave Apple as an example of an innovator, a business with an idea that went its own way without too much thought for rivals, that others tried to copy and catch-up. If all the latest rumours are true (iPhone Nano to cover to low-end market, physical keyboard to challenge Blackberry etc), it seems like Apple is starting to shift from innovator to follower...Pity.
  • BA Norwood
    BA Norwood Posts: 5
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    I don't think it's necessarily a "following" move. It's just a smart and very logical thing to do. See, Apple is a company. Apple makes money. So if Apple wants to make more money then, A) make a cheaper phone that parents can buy their kids, and B) make a 2nd option for buyers still tapping away on ancient BlackBerry's. Not following, just coming late to the party.
  • Globe
    Globe Posts: 13
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    So there wouldn't be a rear facing camera on the slide out slide out model, or how would that work?
  • KT
    KT Posts: 12
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    IPHONE WITH KEYPAD IS NOT AN IPHONE. It spoil the cool factor of APPLE.
  • Lavender
    Lavender Posts: 130
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    For every person like you that says an iphone with a keypad (keyboard) is not an iphone ... there's another person who says, if Apple makes it, then it is cool by definition and they'll line up outside the shop 3 nights before to get one! :P
  • Shalashaska
    Shalashaska Posts: 55
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    well..mostly iphones are aesthetic..the keyboard would look like a hairy mole on a models face..when i first got the iphone i was horrible at i can do it while driving(occasional intervention from spellcheck)...DONT DO IT APPLE
  • melvarius
    melvarius Posts: 200
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    Granted that in terms of design they are somewhat innovative. However.I love Apple's innovative approact that denies users the ability to customise their property and install the applications of their choice.Certain "new" features of ios have been around for years on other platforms or jailbroken devices.Apple certainly go their own way because they consistently ignore the voice of their customers.
  • hxclos
    hxclos Posts: 353
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    You can't emoji with a real keyboard. Ok maybe you can but I still prefer it this way.
  • Craig
    Craig Posts: 178
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    Not needed, it would be something else that can break, make the phone thicker and heavier and as others have said it would not be the same. I doubt this rumor is true.
  • gil
    gil Posts: 34
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    Don't text and drive at the same time worst case scenario could land you a lengthy stay at one of our lovely prisons on a involuntary manslaughter charge if you struck a pedestrian and killed him with your vehicle. Who cares about the phone. But I agree with you, no slide out keyboard I hate them, there sooo Palm 90s ughh.
  • iFear
    iFear Posts: 0
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    no way iphone will have a keyboard it is just useless, using the touch screen is way faster, iphone with keyboard is a failphone
  • keyboard
    keyboard Posts: 1
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    I would like iPhone to have two physical sliding keyboards. One for regular keys and the other for special keys and may be third one for...
  • fas
    fas Posts: 2,297
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    Will never make it to production.
  • Pagen64
    Pagen64 Posts: 7
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    The only people who would benefit from a keyboard, are women with 3" Nails who think they can peck at the iPhones touch screen to type. This is the #1 reason my girlfriend will not get one.
  • mato
    mato Posts: 31
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    i think it will cost more... i mean production cost. so i think apple will drop this idea
  • Nonono
    Nonono Posts: 2
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    This is the first apple product i don't want to buy.
  • Porgy
    Porgy Posts: 1
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    Touch keypad is faster than a physical keypad if u are used to it .. I type faster on iphone than BB
  • Kwopau
    Kwopau Posts: 294
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    IMHO...this model is gay. Who needs a slide out keyboard? Only Microsloft uses this. I would hate to see the future generation coming out with a slide out keyboard. This is one of the phone that I will never look into getting. Okay, the slide keyboard is not what I want to see. But What I want to see have the 5th generation be iphone 4 S or G (G for LTE), if I read it right, the rumor said bigger battery? So if that is the case and the next generation iphone is the same design as the iphone 4, I might consider asking them to put in a longer lasting battery :), if not I may just wait and buy one aftermarket and see what happens.
  • yo mama
    yo mama Posts: 117
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    I wouldn't mind too much. Gaming with a touch screen is kind of frustrating and I like NES and SNES emulators and arcade style games and such.
  • ItsyourBoy
    ItsyourBoy Posts: 83
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    Lol that's so true
  • Jim e Phone
    Jim e Phone Posts: 2
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    Yes, I would love to see this, as mentioned gaming would benefit having a seperate keyboard. Games that have controls on the screen suck as so much real estate is dedicated to them.Having the physical keyboard would not limit a virtual keyboard from still being there, so you could have the best of both worlds.Apple's stragegy seems to be to capture more marketshare.. there are other factors with Nokia/MS and Android that make it a necessity for them to add width to their phone offerings.