iPhone 5 To Come With 4-Inch Screen?



  • Fyta
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    Bigger screen doesn't equal pain for developers. It's the resolution that matters.I don't think apple would just increase the size if the screen. Then it would have less pixel density. Plus the phone wool have to be bigger. I personally like the small footprint of the iPhone. That's one of the big features to me. It's a small package with a lot of punch.I think more likely could be apple stretching the screen to be actual widescreen; 16:9. Instead of the current strange ratio of 3:2. This would actually make the screen exactly the same width (portrait) but taller and would be 4 inches. 3:2 - 960x640 - 3"x2", 3.6" diag16:9 - 1138x640 - 3.55"x2", ~4.1"But who knows. Stupid rumors.
  • Joachim
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    3.85 inch would still be 300 dpi with the same resolution..
  • guest who
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    bigger screen = more battery usage.. right?
  • John
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    The 3.5" screen is fine for me. I like the overall form factor and size of the iphone 4. A bigger screen would be nice, but I wouldn't want to compromise overall size of the phone.That edge to edge screen looks weird.
  • Phong
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    they should put xenon flash on and PROJeCTORRRRR....3.5" is just fine
  • Simon Cowell
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    It could be 4" that would help us old blind people
  • Brains530
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    Nobody has said it? Really...?It's not the size that matters, it's how you use it. I can use mine perfectly at 3.5" and do not wish for a bigger screen nor edge to edge. As someone said before it would make it really hard to put a case on that doesn't wrap over the edge a little.
  • Snake
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    Why not make a phone that you can change the battery. It would generate sales of spare battries and make the phone a lot more usable. I cant understand why Apple make products that have problems with battery usage and then make no effort to make the battery accessible
  • SmurfIt
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    apply your brain power here. the pic is fake, that's mentioned in the article.
  • Johan
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    What a crappy Photoshop job on the 4"...
  • Acura legend parts
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    I have 3.75"screen ipad 4 and i dont think there would make much difference in 3.75" to 4"screen untill and unless the features in both of them differs.Surely if the features of ipad 5 are better than ipad 4 i wil get one....
  • iPhone
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    edge to edge screen = more accidental cracked screens = more lawsuits.......... so i think apple should stay with 3.5" screen.
  • ajamacus
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    Honestly, I can't see how the screen could come to the edge like that. The case thing is right. Hard to grip maybe. I assume that the pic above was done on Photoshop or something.
  • Mmike
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    Yes a 4 inch screen is needed or else apple will for sure start falling behind the times. Phones today r becoming our lifeline to the outside world. I use all tje features of my iphone and the 3.5 inch seems to be holding the phone back from an enjoyable media experience meaning movies internet browsing and so on ... People who do not want the larger screen r most likley just using the phone as a phone and basic email and web browsing but for those of us that use the iphone for what it has to offer it is time for apple to realize that a larger screen is needed even if it means altering the size of the entire phone. I love apple products and only buy apple products but i have to say i used my friends samsung 4 inch to go online and it was much more enjoyable experience due only to the screen size.. For those of you that dont want the larger screen stay with the 4th gen its a great phone but for the rest of us who use the phone for what it is we need it so Dear Apple please put a larger screen on the iphone 5 ??? please ?????
  • TN17
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    I definitely want the 4 in screen... better for apps and watching movies
  • ItsyourBoy
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    Hell yes bigger screen would make the iPhone much better they should just make different sizes and let us pick what we want choise is always good
  • Dedin
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    Better on iphone 5 do a bluetooth so you can share/recieve music or photos/video with your friends on any phone!!! Not only on iphone. And about the screen i doesnt bother about the 4" and the 3.5" screen i'm ok with the 3.5" screen :)
  • ItCanHappen4U2
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    Wow its looking so nice and now its comes with latest features and i make a plan to replace my old iPhone 3.5 inches with new 4.0 inches..
  • k1ska
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    Retina on an iPad is drastically much more difficult than on the iPhone, people don't understand that.
  • k1ska
    k1ska Posts: 2
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    iPad won't get retina, it's too costly and would kill performance on it. People don't understand that the iPad would need a very high resolution to be "retina" and would increase the price, decrease the performance (due to rendering much more), and it's just not beneficial.
  • williams tobby
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