Apple Not Planning To Launch Smaller iPhone

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imageApple Not Planning To Launch Smaller iPhone

In the last few weeks, we’ve heard several rumors claiming that Apple is working on a smaller and cheaper iPhone model.

In fact, Wall Street Journal who has a good track record when it comes to Apple related news had also confirmed that Apple is indeed working on a smaller and cheaper iPhone nano that could come with an edge to edge screen, which may be released as early as this summer.

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  • Josh Link
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    Wow, moving to more voice commands? Sounds like their taking notes from comex's cydia voice app. It's funny how cydia has jailbroken iphones doing things WAY before Apple gets into it. (ie copy-paste, video, tethering etc etc) good article though
  • Alex
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    First...and i would love a nano iphone.
  • doggy 69
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    Dumb ****! your not first!
  • Fero
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    Can't see how the iPhone 5 will be any better to want to upgrade to.
  • It007
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    To be honest, iphone now is in the best display from the point of size and quality. They could change or improve hardware and os, that's all they have to do
  • Rip
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    Dumb ****! It's you're, not your.
  • geekinit
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    Well my iPhone 4 cannot tell the different between me saying "home" or "mobile" so they are gonna need to really improve their voice recognition 10 fold to make it actually work!
  • Tom
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  • peter the great
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    first.. last,What a clast of minds,In these times,Dumb fucks, idiots and more.. So don't be a boreIn these times.
  • yaz
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    I think there will be no iPhone nano, and also iPhone 5 wont be released this year.. perhaps iPhone 4GS will be released with a better camera.. faster processor and more ram.. same memory.. it would make sense this way because thats how apple works.. they are slow and want to make maximum profit with least cost ! cant blame them thou because people still buy the iPhone coz iPhone rules and shits on any phone out there (jailbroken that is)
  • Pacomac
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    This all sounds like made up rubbish to me! All Apple need to do is reduce the dot pitch, not chop the resolution and you have a smaller phone without breaking existing software.
  • Jam Bone
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    Seems to me a much smaller iPhone would make loads of sense. I don't see where it'd need to run anymore than 10% of the apps available to the current iPhone, if that. This would be a phone, not really a smart phone. I can perfectly see a nano size iPhone that I could have just to make calls, text, email, take some sorta decent enough pics 2-3 megapixels are plenty, arguably a Opera mini type browser, I meant Safari mini of course . It would be tiny enough to actually keep in a pocket. A lot of people like dealing with an iPad and a decent, simple and small cell phone. Plenty of reasons to have a iPhone "Nano" here in the US, billions more out there: The greatest majority of people out there can't afford the current iPhone and/or the cell and data service it requires. A Nano iPhone would let a huge swath of the world's population in on at least some of the fun.How many "upgrades" is one person gonna jump on? I've owned every single one of the iPhones, with the 4 I feel I'm plateauing. What would I get another iPhone for? Abigger screen? This one is already borderline too big. A better camera? The one in the 4 is plenty to just snap shots here'n there. I don't think there is anywhere else for Apple to go. Apple is looking at another opportunity to bring excellence to a segment that is in dire need of it, and they again stand to make insane amounts of money doing it. The smart phone alone is not enough to sustain itself, it's still only one option in the cell phone world and the largest majority of people don't yet go for it. Certainly not in that part of the world that is not the US of A.
  • Brains530
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    I think that it's great to have the option to look at what people are doing to your product that they're not supposed to ie jailbreaking and cydia etc. It shows that there is a demand for certain options and it shows that apple is working hard to do what it can to avoid people jailbreaking.
  • flyezz
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    the above comments by different usrs = dumbfucks.
  • flyezz
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    peter your are a fag.
  • Shalashaska
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    Called it bull from Day 1.. any who..i think the following1)there will be an upgrade to the 4 later this year.dunno about the name but it will be an upgrade to the 4...and that will help them introduce the white iphone...2) a bulkier iphone would mean an uglier iphone so no screen change...3) no ipad3 this summer just an ipad 2 at the end of Q1..
  • fas
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    Well I told u so, no ways Apple is going to downgrade.
  • Annakodan
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    I would have loved a smaller iphone, currently i can´t afford an iphone so the smaller one would have been great
  • Kwopau
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    Of course nobody knows, but only to speculated that Apple may roll out the LTE model. And possible the integration with CDMA/GSM, this way Apple can just release both the CDMA/GSM, on the same date.
  • Taiwan Ken
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    I would have liked to buy a smaller iPhone, because the current one hurts every time apple $$##s me by tricking me into updating my software! I could click the cancel button, but where is the fun in that. You would think that they would offer a smaller phone so they can trick me into buying some other product from the mighty Apple!Anyways what ever they release I will buy it, because I enjoy getting.....If you comment is stupider than mine please don't avoid posting. I really have no life so I just sit hear dreaming about a new iphone.
  • Blazer parts
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    The smart phone alone is not enough to sustain itself, it’s still only one option in the cell phone world and the largest majority of people don’t yet go for it.
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