iPad 2 Could Get Light Peak Port For High-Speed Media Transfers?

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imageiPad 2 Could Get Light Peak Port For High-Speed Media Transfers?

Last week CNET reported that according to their source Apple is expected to introduce its Light Peak based connection technology soon.

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  • sebastian
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    Title: The name's Light Peak, not Light Speed, lol.
  • iPhoneHacks
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    Thanks for pointing it out ... for some reason kept calling it Light Speed ... lol .. it has been corrected.
  • So What
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    bring on iTunes in the cloud or free mobile me. and light speed/peak wont be needed
  • Lavender
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    "Light Peak is a optical cable" - also you need to substitute "a" with "an" if the next word starts with a vowel.
  • fas
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    Is it needed for only 16GB?
  • windows8forum
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    Light Peak is an optical cable, which is really significantly faster than even USB 3.0? It sound wanderful and there is no need to bother about those spelling mistakes.Thank you for sharing this article.
  • jim
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    Isn't this the same technology that Intel just said they will not be using optical cable right away, but copper instead. Personally it just looks like light peak vs usb 3 is going to be this generation's firewire vs usb. Firewire was always faster until usb 3, but darn Texas Instr. wanted royalties out the butt. This should be a lesson.Sad thing is the best tech doesn't always win out. Did you ever see the size of firewire's spec vs usb. It's like a pamphlet vs a novel, but usb still won out. To me it just seems that no devices for another 5 years will ever be able to put out 10gbps so what's the point? Usb 3 devices are backards compatible and that will make the transition easier and people happier. Light Peak has it's work cut out. Just because apples helped devise it doesn't mean it's going to come out on top. Shall we say display port. It's great, I have it on my laptop (non-mac), but how is it any better than hdmi or mini-hdmi which more devices have already.It's great that competition brings progress and ingenuity, but in order to work, the competition (esp coming from intel) needs to bring something more then 10gbps to the table. How about they use the same connectors as usb 3, make it compatible with the usb 3 standard, and triple the speed for light peak native use. That would make people second guess usb. Just my opinion. :)