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    Consumer Report Won’t Recommend Verizon iPhone 4 Due To Reception Problems

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageConsumer Report Won’t Recommend Verizon iPhone 4 Due To Reception Problems

    Consumer Reports, a popular product review and comparison organization has just reported that Verizon iPhone 4 has a similar reception problem to the GSM iPhone 4, which could cause drop calls in areas with weak signal.

    Back in July 2010, Consumer Reports had declined to recommend iPhone 4 due to its widely publicized reception problems.

    Consumer Reports is reporting:

    Read the full story here


    • angelangel Posts: 81
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      Who ever got verizon they gonna be mad.....loser.....
    • PredatorPredator Posts: 14
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      Why would anyone be surprised that the verizon model does the same as the at&t model. If Apple was to fix the reception issue, then that would be admiting guilt. Apple stood and said that the issue was not the phone as all phones are proned to the "Death Grip" Can you imagine if the reception issue was "FiXed" with the verizon model, that would open a really good class action for all the GSM owners, again as fixing the issue would show guilt.
    • Sir LancasterSir Lancaster Posts: 13
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    • Tristan ThomasTristan Thomas Posts: 7
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      Consumer Reports has been a dieing company for some time now. The only time anyone hears about them at all is when it involved "iPhone", "antenna" and a phone carrier. It's all publicity. Apple has already addressed this. We need to stop enabling the media about a problem that does not even exists! Here is my proof that the iPhone 4 antenna issue isn't an issue;
    • its not Verizon its not att its the f*&* phone it self American people are so living in there own bubble if you go to another phone company and u use an iphone anywhere in the world you have will have bad coverage so it THE IPHONE NOT THE PHONE COMPANY WAKE UP PEOPLE
    • SputnickSputnick Posts: 1
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      It's a piece of crap. Put a case on it and move along.
    • crsurfcrsurf Posts: 6
      via Wordpress
      yes the iphone is a piece of crap ,, there are many better phone out there,,, if it was not for the appthe iphone would die
    • hh Posts: 13
      via Wordpress
      Talk about clueless. If it doesn't affect you it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. There is flaw in the design whether Apple admits it or not. If there isn't one then we should see the same design for the next iPhone.
    • JohnJohn Posts: 790
      via Wordpress
      The iphone 4 is a flawed design and it doesn't work. That's why millions of people returned their iphones to apple and they're burrying them in the nevada desert like old atari cartridges.Really though, this attenna thing is old news. It's not bad at all unlike how the press has made it out to be. It only affect those in poor signal areas to begin with. Those of you who think people are stupid enough to keep a phone that can't make calls is even stupider than the person who would keep such a phone.
    • BBkillerBBkiller Posts: 15
      via Wordpress
      LOL!!! Im breaking out the Cobra ltd 29. I had no service issues just privacy but it was free and no dropped calls!
    • fasfas Posts: 2,297
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      And I wont recommend CR...
    • nicknick Posts: 219
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      death grip is apple's fault. low coverage dropping call usually phone company. but when someone with the same phone company, but different phone, gets a way better signal than you sitting right next to you, you start to wonder about phone again.
    • DougDoug Posts: 17
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      I bought the verizon Iphone4 .... I'm a total droid fan thought I'd try out the iphone for a change , I have no reception issues ... havent dropped one call ect ect ... I would reccomend the Iphone 4 for verizon
    • via Wordpress
      Hi!This is really a good post!
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