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    Samsung Counter Sues Apple For Patent Infringement In Korea, Japan & Germany

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageSamsung Counter Sues Apple For Patent Infringement In Korea, Japan & Germany

    Apple had sued Samsung earlier in the week for blatantly copying iPhone and iPad.

    Not surprisingly, in response to Apple’s lawsuit, Samsung has counter sued Apple in South Korea, Japan and Germany, alleging it infringed patents related to mobile-communications technologies.

    Reuters reports:

    Read the full story here


    • RodRod Posts: 33
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      From what I understand the engineers of samsungs galaxy made the iPhone 2 and 3G. That phone sure operates a lot like the iPhone
    • ThepartyguyThepartyguy Posts: 57
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    • JDBJDB Posts: 284
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      While that may not be their best decision, I like the idea. lol.
    • iPhoneiPhone Posts: 104
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      or at least they can sell their products cheaper. both company's CEO's are going to hell and they gone sue each other there too.
    • LuigyspcLuigyspc Posts: 5
      via Wordpress
      I do like apple product but i hate the monopoly so im not a happy camper with apple
    • ?? Posts: 26
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      From what I have read Sony is Samsung's largest buyer. And honestly I think they are just trying to throw off the SG2 launch. Some versions of the SG look similar to the iPhone but I can't imagine anyone accidentally buying a SG thinking it was an iPhone. And because of Apple's contracts with Carries the iPhone is to be displayed by itself away from all other smartphones so there should be no reason for confusion. I'm sure this will be settled with both companies satisfied. Otherwise both will suffer if the one of them were to win the lawsuit.
    • fasfas Posts: 2,297
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      What kids, you sue me, I sue you. LOL.
    • Ayush GuptaAyush Gupta Posts: 1
      via Wordpress
      hahaha! Nothing is going to happen. This all is for publicity :
    • via Wordpress
      America has invented alot of things and i notice every country buys it from us then they copy it then they customize it and then they sell back to us for more for example the us invented the car china buys it from us and then they customize it and then they have the nerve to sell back to us for good job apple this copy stuff needs to i have an idea you should buy there only good invention the blue ray player and buy it from them and customize it with your logo and call it the appleray player so they get the message cuz if u dont do anything about it im next to copy your **** and then ill say its my idea and ill say its much better then yours just like Google copies your **** and everyone else does cuz everyone seems to pissed that you taking over everything the phone industry and i heard now a tv dam the only thing i hate about apple is they made 22 billion dollars and you are still charging everyone $500.00 on smartphones and of course the mac computer sell for 1,000 dollars is the cheapest and we are in recession.dont you have a heart steve jobs you might be rich but i know your going to hell cuz people who are greedy always go to hell i hope robin hood fucks you up and steals your **** and i hope someone does beat your stuff someday and sells it for $100 to take your business away
    • everyonegayeveryonegay Posts: 1
      via Wordpress
      can we please gather the whole world and sue apple for the older ipods cuz they only lasted 2 months for alot of people back in the day and nobody did anything like the ipod 5th genertaion i payed $300 for it and it just crash and i didnt get a refund **** and i went to apple a long time ago with the ipod and they wanted to charge me $200 to fix it **** you apple
    • RobRob Posts: 314
      via Wordpress
      Dude You Wrote "COO" Not "CEO" =)
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