White iPhone 4 With Modified Proximity Sensor Release Date - April 27th?

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imageWhite iPhone 4 With Modified Proximity Sensor Release Date - April 27th?

After several rumors and speculations, it looks like Apple is all set to launch the white iPhone 4 next week. In fact, one lucky user (who happens to be a Engadget reader) has already got his hands on one, after he was mistakenly given a white iPhone 4 instead of the black one.

Engadget has received photos of the white iPhone 4 from their reader, which he bought at Vodafone UK yesterday.

Engadget reports:

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  • Xavier Emonts
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    False. The proximity sensor in the black version has the same layout. It can be seen on really sunny days
  • Fingers21
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    Wasn't that one of the issues with building the iPhone 4 in White? The proximity sensor?
  • citibori
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    YES! I will be buying one. Getting ready to sell my black one
  • Scrooge
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    Fake! Source not reputable!
  • fas
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    I am sure Apple will make lot of money selling white version.
  • Kwopau
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    I don't think there are any changes. 1. Even the black models have the same location where the Proximity Sensor shown on the white model. 2. the reason why white model is noticeable is because it is white and the sensor area is black.While in black, the only way to see them is if you are in bright area or direct sunglight. So technically there is no modified proximity sensor at all.
  • apple sucks
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    apple can release one that is the color of **** and smells like **** and people will still buy it. this is a sad world.
  • prboy120
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    So is this phone really coming out Tmr looking forward to selling my black one
  • Hacker
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    alot of people hate apple so much that they dont apprciate what apple has done for technolgy every other phone lacks of something of many things but im sure your happy either way with another company phone but some people might not go cuz some need netflix some cant live without certain apps and aren’t available for Android as of yet and others need **** which is easier to install apps for free and some are addicted to apple tv and airplay some love the cydia store with all tweaks and apps and the list goes on when android is ready for prime time then more will move over but till then we will enjoy the iphone until android is at par with all of the stuff i have mention and speaking of other phones go windows 7 phone lol i hope mango update help developers with theses new tools and i cant wait to see api apps transfer over to windows 7 so in other words cant wait to have apple apps on my windows phone 7 i just hope Microsoft can pull it off here what im talking about http://www.redmondpie.com/microsoft-releases-iphone-to-windows-phone-7-app-porting-tool/ and yes windows 7 is partners with netflix oh and the guy who said if the iphone smell like **** they will buy it well actually no they wont cuz **** been around forever and u could put **** on any phone