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    Apple Working On Two iPhone 5 Models?

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageApple Working On Two iPhone 5 Models?

    Folks at iPhoneDownloadBlog claim that according to their source Apple is working on not one but two iPhone 5 models.

    According to their source who works at an Apple part supplier, Apple may release two iPhone models: a ‘standard’ and ‘pro’ model in fall this year.

    IDB reports:

    Read the full story here


    • TammasusTammasus Posts: 4
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      I agree, it's more probable that an iPhone nano will be lunched instead of a two quality version iPhone 5. Also the concept design doesn't seem possible. It's way too thin to fit all the nifty gadgetry an iPhone 5 will have.
    • KwopauKwopau Posts: 294
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      Don't like that concepts, especially the curvature at the back.
    • MarkMark Posts: 267
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      This rumor is getting annoying They said this about the 3gs the 4 n now the 5th generation Come on!..
    • Some GuySome Guy Posts: 11
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      Wall Street Journal has already confirmed that apple will release two iPhone 5 models. They are the CDMA version and the GSM version, duh!!!! XD
    • ZildjianNerdZildjianNerd Posts: 3
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    • JeffJeff Posts: 126
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      Right?? Not this rumor again! C'mon!
    • mkimidmkimid Posts: 227
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      It is new news ? Generally, Apple desing a new concept and old concept for new release. That is a typical procedure. Just consider about the so many real-world testing, new design has very big risk about unknown/unexpected problem. But, old design has higher reliable. They do two or model at once. It is nothing new.And the drawing is just concept and idea, and, it is impossible to realize except to increase the thickness more than 11mm at thicker side, and more, weight will be increased little bit. Maybe in future , after couple of years , if new battery technology is comming out, the concept will be realize.
    • via Wordpress
      I understand internet media guys & girls have to write stuff about Apple several times a day but really cant they just apply for copy writer jobs at Disney Studios because its seems the majority of you people have a lot of fantasy!
    • StanStan Posts: 192
      via Wordpress
      I totally agree. 1st they said Apple not doing a cheaper iPhone and now it's back again?
    • GrimeGrime Posts: 216
      via Wordpress
      90% of all articles written on this site ends with a questions mark. Guess thats the way it goes when you're talking about anything Apple. One thing I know I don't have to speculate about, if apple doesn't release a phone with at least a 4 inch screen, I'm switching to Android. Possibly Sprint. I love iphone, but what its really lacking is a bigger screen. I know some people like it the way it is now, but whats the problem with apple making a larger screen phone and continue selling the size it has now. Besides the fact that I'm paying a premium for using the iphone on at&t, and verizon isn't much better, I'm thinking about switching over to sprint, the seem to have more reasonable competitive pricing compared to other competitors, with the exception of tmobile, but since they're soon to be at&t they're no longer an option. Just my 2 cents.
    • ShrugShrug Posts: 55
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      you sure one of the models isn't part of an early prototype for the CENTiPAD?
    • ShalashaskaShalashaska Posts: 55
      via Wordpress
      heres what i think...r u ready :P ? ... i think all of this is just experimentation to see if they can lower the cost of the iphone in doesnt make sense that they will release 2 different models of the same guess is that the cheaper parts are just so they lower the price of the iphone itself which they are testing
    • HackerHacker Posts: 95
      via Wordpress
      to AppleIsTheNewBigBrother so i guess that means your applying for Disney Studios too cuz you just wrote some bullshit
    • PebsUKPebsUK Posts: 41
      via Wordpress
      Has iPhonehacks been purchased by the P.R. department of Apple?
    • phosphorusphosphorus Posts: 39
      via Wordpress
      It's not a second iPhone, it's an iPod Touch 5th gen. The iPod touch tends to have cheaper materials than the iPhone. It is possible that they'd embed a system in the new iPod Touch to make it work as a phone if you purchase credits via iTunes. That way they'll have an entry level iPhone.
    • fasfas Posts: 2,297
      via Wordpress
      I doubt that iPhone will go so low on price.
    • To all the people who think it goofy to be speculating over the next iPhone: That's what this site is mostly about, and I, as I'm sure a few others have fun doing it! Seen from a stock owner/buyer/broker's perspective, this is even pretty serious business: has Apple stock reached a peak at $354ish a share? Is it gonna maintain it's market dominance long enough to hit the $400-$500-$600 mark? Is it ready to pass the baton? If it is, then who to? etc.Since we are in speculation mode:The way I see it, and I know all of you speculators are dying to know the way I see it! So, again, the way I see it is the only "pro version" Apple needs is the good old factory unlocked "model", where they give the "pro" kinds of people the option to buy an iphone that's not locked to anyone network (mucho mulla of course), the way they're already doing it in Europe and elsewhere(?). Even if they wanted to have some nano version, no matter how they're gonna present it they won't eliminate the notion that they're coming out with some crippled gizmo who's sole purpose would be to cannibalize the actual iPhone's market.There, that's my zero point zero two dollars worth!Happy speculating folks!!
    • Brains530Brains530 Posts: 17
      via Wordpress
      I think they should release a Braille version iPhone...
    • JMan0391JMan0391 Posts: 2
      via Wordpress
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