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    iPhone Elite Dev Team Releases Re-Virginizer Tool for Unlocked iPhone running OS v1.0.2

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageiPhone Elite Dev Team Releases Re-Virginizer Tool for Unlocked iPhone running OS v1.0.2

    When the iPhone Dev Team had released the latest version of anySIM v1.1, their GUI-based tool to unlock the iPhone last week it was only applicable for those you had not unlocked the iPhone, however that had left a large percentage of the 250k iPhone owners who have unlocked their...

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    • Alice McGregorAlice McGregor Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      But the real question is: does this tool work for the most-complex case? If someone had upgraded their firmware and no longer have the ability to use the baseband, can they downgrade and run the re-virginizer tool successfully?

    • RobertRobert Posts: 146
      via Wordpress

      Yes, plain and simple

    • iPhone HacksiPhone Hacks Posts: 36
      via Wordpress

      Hey Alice,

      The answer to your question is "Yes" based on the FAQ on iPhone Elite Dev Team's site.

      I have also updated the post accordingly so you check the update above for more details.

      Thanks for raising it.


    • Grahame PerryGrahame Perry Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      Any ideas about activating Applecare with the iPhone on an unlocked iPhone? When you try to activate applecare it says that the Iphone you are using has not been activiated. Am I just out of luck (since I already opened up the applecare package)? Some options that I've thought about are:

      i current have an unlocked iPhone running 1.0.2 but still have the AT&T simcard.

      1. Revirginize my iPhone to 1.0.2. and either activate using AT&T, activate Applecare, cancel AT&T.

      2. Revirginize my iPhone to 1.0.2 and activate using the no-monthly fee (I read about this somewhere for those who don't pass a credit check or don't provide Soc. Sec. #) and then activate Applecare.

      3. Wait until the phone needs a service and then try to see if there are other solutions available.

      4. After my t-mobile phone contract expires and then get on AT&T plan using a virginized iphone.

      5. Just try to sell my Applecare via craigslist to someone who wants it.

      Any other folks figured out this one?


    • gerrygerry Posts: 3
      via Wordpress

      if a buy a new iphone, how do i activate it without activating it with at&t?

    • Casey NgoCasey Ngo Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      i am such a noob at this. i want to re virginize my phone but have no idea how to do itttttt

    • guigui Posts: 3
      via Wordpress

      I was given my iphone 1.02 as a gift. I live in Argentina, so I don't know how it was unblocked (it was bought to someone who sells imported goodies, so perhaps she had an active At&T card or something like that). The main thing is that I've also lost my At&T simcard, as I don't use it.
      Can I do this whole thing? It's it worth it?

    • grahamegrahame Posts: 5
      via Wordpress

      re: is it worth it.

      here's a list of what you'll get

      but it seems to me that the 1.0.2 version of iphone is still pretty good, you can continue to use the 3rd party apps., use the ipod part of the phone, browser/email and use the phone parts which is really 99% of what makes this is a good device. The new firmware adds a few nice features but not that much.

      you might be able to get a new at&t simcard but i'm not sure how hard that is outside of the U.S.

    • VishnuVishnu Posts: 199
      via Wordpress

      i have a 8GB iPhone version 1.0.2 unlocked. I want to update it to 1.1.1!!! also i've heard that updatinig to 1.1.1 will lock up my iphone??? what should i do??

    • FerlloFerllo Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      Hi, I test it, already works the virginizer, thanks a lot
      greetings from Mexico city

    • CliveSCliveS Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      Tried this and worked fine. Needed to do a few more reboots and jailbreak/activation attempts to get things sorted than I expected to but persevered and now have a 1.0.2 (anySIM 1.1 unlocked) working with 1.1.1 and all features (except vis VM as I'm on Voda UK). Used the automated virginator script btw. Just read ALL the info and take it step by step especially the downgrade back to 1.0.2 before the special 1.1.1 pre-update tasks required in iNdependence. Thanks a mil to the Dev team and all for all the hard effort. cheers!

    • erickerick Posts: 17
      via Wordpress

      I had v1.1.1, but it was originally v1.02. I downgraded to v1.0.2, used anysim v1.0 to unlock it, then accidentally used anysim v1.1 to unlock it again - now it won't recognize my sim. Will this reset my phone?

    • AndyAndy Posts: 1,127
      via Wordpress

      Anyone can to share the differences between ver1.0.2 and v1.1.1 or even 1.1.2?

    • JayJay Posts: 295
      via Wordpress

      okay.. i got a V1.0.1 unlocked... how do i upgrade to v1.1.1 and unlock the phone? step by step guide will be nice...

    • NarotamNarotam Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      I have re-virginized the 1.0.2 hacked phone. Want to run AnySim1.1 to unlock. How do I update the firmaware to 1.1.1? Do I have to go to 1.1.2 first using Itunes?

    • ZarehZareh Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      would this work with a barnd new iphone?

    • AlexAlex Posts: 383
      via Wordpress

      Hey, I made upload for 2.1 then my iphone just stayed stuck into the headphone mode. I've tried everything, put the plug off and in, downgrade, refurbrish, clean, erase the settings.. and still the same.. can you tell me what else can I do?

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