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    Access Google Search From Any iPhone App Using QuickGoogle [Jailbreak Tweak]

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageAccess Google Search From Any iPhone App Using QuickGoogle [Jailbreak Tweak]

    Currently, there are few ways to access Google Search on the iPhone: you can simply launch the Google Search app from the home screen or use Spotlight for iPhone or use mobile Safari.

    If you’re looking for a quicker option that allows you to run the search query from any  iPhone app without exiting it, then checkout jailbreak tweak – QuickGoogle.

    Here’s a brief description of the jailbreak app on Cydia:

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    • NorGodNorGod Posts: 33
      via Wordpress
      could be useless for some people..but keep doing your best man....could anyone make or create a tweak that could make when you are using the multitasking gestures when you use your 4 fingers to close it. if you do it slowly it will make the screen small and small each time you move your fingers....can some could create a tweak to make this windows stay the size that someone want....i know its kind of confuse but at least you could have 2 apps open and see each other kind like proswitcher... can someone do that please....i will pay 50 joke
    • PacomacPacomac Posts: 145
      via Wordpress
      Oh it is a joke, as it can't be done!When you use the pinch zoom you are only ever resizing a snapshot image and not the application itself.
    • NorGodNorGod Posts: 33
      via Wordpress
      whats????everything is possible....even on iphone....i would like to use 2 apps on the same will be better instead of switching apps every single time...thats boring for me....or can someone create something similar to that....i know everything is possible but i am not a developer thats a lame...i dont have a mac.....i really want to see that tweak being in use on million of idevices.....
    • NorGodNorGod Posts: 33
      via Wordpress
      or change the resolution of the screen on ipad not on iphone (screen is very small) its like pc monitors or like imac thats have the feature on settings app........if i could be a developer i will start doing this tweaks but in this case im very poor to buy one and my computer is a lame computer to run vmware......please please can someone do that for me ...not the offer goes up to 100 dollars for one of this tweaks.....if you are interested in this offer....reply to this comment please...thank you....
    • fasfas Posts: 2,297
      via Wordpress
      nice stuff, now Apple will incorporate it in ios6
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