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    Apple: Samsung 'Slavishly Copying' Apple's Products; Motion To See iPhone 5 & iPad 3 An 'Attempt To

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageApple: Samsung 'Slavishly Copying' Apple's Products; Motion To See iPhone 5 & iPad 3 An 'Attempt To Harass'

    As expected, Apple responded to Samsung’s motion demanding Apple to handover samples of iPhone 5 and iPad 3 so that it can evaluate whether there’ll be confusion between Samsung and Apple’s future products.

    Apple has responded that Samsung’s motion is an attempt to harass and irrelevant to the case.

    Here’s a snippet from Apple’s filing:

    Read the full story here


    • GuesGues Posts: 0
      via Wordpress
      Apple sux ****! Android rox!!
    • MarusyaMarusya Posts: 58
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    • TomTom Posts: 314
      via Wordpress
      well it is copying be i don't know how its 'harassment' ?
    • fasfas Posts: 2,297
      via Wordpress
      That is the reason to make peace with Nokia.
    • PacomacPacomac Posts: 145
      via Wordpress
      Android only rocks if you prefer your applications written in java and not native code! Then again if you agree with that statement you have serious problems. Oh and watch your back, Oracle might just sue the ass off you!
    • josemir da silvajosemir da silva Posts: 35
      via Wordpress
      I know Apple is no saint, specially when it comes to suing companies and stuff, BUT on this case, I side with Apple 100%. Smart phones sucked balls before the iphone, and there was NO table at all before the ipad, and once you look at the sansung products, they are SOOO close to Apple. Sanssung should just make TVs and be done with it :)
    • josemir da silvajosemir da silva Posts: 35
      via Wordpress
      Right and you spend your time on a iphone site?
    • asgerasger Posts: 49
      via Wordpress
      there were tablet, they just sucked big time.
    • jussayinjussayin Posts: 35
      via Wordpress
      well I think apple may be playing a dangerous game considering how many components they buy from samsung but thats not the point... point is and I'm an apple fan boy as such... is the tablet as it is will come in many shapes and forms but is going to be inherently very similar... point being look at lap tops they all look the same and who is suing who no one because thats the shape and form they take....
    • EricEric Posts: 238
      via Wordpress
      I am an iPhone lover but, "Sanssung (Samsung) should just make TVs and be done with it" is a dumb statement. First Samsung has been around much longer than Apple, and to say they should only make TVs is to say you know nothing about the company.If you've ever seen to Korea would you see Samsung written on a lot of things. I was in Korea about 10 years ago, and Samsung's phones were light years ahead of American cellphones. Now they are fighting to regain that ground.Samsung has a huge electronics division, they are in the financial service, heavy construction equipment, medical services, security, and I am sure a lot more. To narrow a company down to making TV's is just an insult.
    • DickDick Posts: 13
      via Wordpress
      Think back to when you were a child on the playground in grade school and that certain friend that you sometimes secretly hated bc he would copy everything you say until youd get mad. Yes, thats a form of harassment.
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