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    Apple Job Posting Points To New Location Centric Features Coming To iOS

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageApple Job Posting Points To New Location Centric Features Coming To iOS

    A new job posting on Apple's site for the position of "iOS QA Location Engineer" further strengthens claims that Apple is working on greatly improving and expanding location based features on iOS devices.

    Presently the in-built location based experience on iOS devices largely revolves around the bundled Maps app, which in turn heavily relies on Google's data.

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    • JetJet Posts: 9
      via Wordpress
      Why are the articles on this website constantly becoming increasingly biased? I can understand the logic in hoping for improved mapping functionality, but honestly, who cares if Apple are still using Google's imagery? Obviously it isn't APPLE imagery and that doesn't satisfy your fanboy hunger but as far as I can tell Google Maps is currently the best out there so you could do much worse and reliance on the imagery shouldn't affect the ability of the software anyway.BTW, before everyone starts the flaming I'm not anti-apple. I have an iPhone and a Macbook Pro. I just can't stand biased fanyboyism.
    • fasfas Posts: 2,297
      via Wordpress
      Hopefully they should get into Asian market as well with location based services.
    • VinceVince Posts: 31
      via Wordpress
      how about something like google latitude??..but more accurate
    • RounakRounak Posts: 269
      via Wordpress
      There is no doubt about Google maps being the best mapping solution out there, at least amongst free options. But taking a cue from the present Apple-Google relationship, Apple would like to put its acquisitions to use.
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