Apple Acquires 3D Mapping Company To Take Native Maps To The Next Level

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imageApple Acquires 3D Mapping Company To Take Native Maps To The Next Level

Apple has also acquired two mapping companies - Poly9 and Placebase in the last two years and has been hiring talent to take the native maps application to the next level.

Mark Gurman over at 9 to 5 Mac now reports that Apple has acquired another mapping company called C3 Technologies. They specialize in making 3D maps from photo data using declassified missile-targeting technology.

Gurman reports:

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  • fas
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    I like how Apple just about acquires growing companies with potential.
  • jl007
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    @fas I get your point but its up to the companies to sell right? its a win I'd think for all? Apple gets to make $$ off someone else's hard work, we get the features on new apple products and the smaller company gets to continue with larger funding? Just my take not saying that's how it is!
  • Dude
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    You can use their technology at when you use their maps (Karta in Swedish). Stockholm and Gothenburg are pretty interesting to fly around in.
  • Erasmus
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    I don't care HOW pretty it is, they will NOT have Google coverage. Simply put, they WILL NOT. Nobody does... some do in single countries but NOBODY has Google's database and will not get it unless they steal it.I am BEGGING Google to map an independent Google Maps app for the iPhone once they're out of this deal and Apple to not reject it out of hand like they do EVERY google app!