Simpler method to JailBreak & Unlock iPhone firmware 1.1.3 Released



  • Farhod cigarchi
    Farhod cigarchi Posts: 3
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    ok so im trying to jail break my iphone and i have tried both independence and that ijail break and each time i keep geting some sort of error.....can any one help me out ?

  • noam
    noam Posts: 2
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    there is a new version of ziphone makes this process way easier... a few questions answered. yes this installs that is what jailbrekaing IS!!

    you can use this to unlock any version now 3.9 or 4.6 bootloader!

    It doesn't matter where your phone is right now or if it's been jailbroken before or any of that. What I would do is restore to pure apple 1.1.3 then run ziphone OR if you are on an earlier version of firmware, jailbroken or not is DOESN'T matter, just update in itunes to 1.1.3 it will wipe out previous changes and you will be on pure 1.1.3 then run ziphone.


    only issue I can report having is youtube says "can't connect" the only fix in installer i see is a 1.1.1 which didn't seem to fix.

    anyone have insight into this?


  • brekkar
    brekkar Posts: 1
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    I successfully used ziphone 2.3 with the GUI to jailbreak and unlock my 1.1.3 16gb OOB iPhone, but I can't get youtube to work. It says "Can't Connect to Youtube". I tried the fixes in installer but they did not work.

  • Kevin
    Kevin Posts: 154
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    Does anyone know if with the latest version of ZiPhone you still need iTunes 4.2? Only iTunes 7 actually recognizes my phone, so I'm out of luck if it requires 4.2.

  • SIOM
    SIOM Posts: 6
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    Since, I've upgraded my iPhone to .3, my iphone has been freezing a lot, where I have to hold the off and main menu button to reset it, has anyone else been experiencing this? and is there a fix??

  • robyn
    robyn Posts: 6
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    This is not as easily spelled out for not so computer savvy people as the first jailbreak I used which was more steps , but took me half the time. Here is what finally after 3 hours actually worked. Thanks to Joe's post on 2-12

    1. uninstall your current itunes first and then download the downgraded itunes 7.4.2

    2. the only thing that worked for putting my phone in recovery mode which actually worked was using joe's post on feb 12th. THanks so much.

    a. take phone out of dock
    b. hold power off until slider bar for power off comes up. Slide to power off.
    c.immediately hold down home button during shutdown of phone and continue to do so while you put the phone back into the dock. itunes loco and cable should now appear.

    3. I had a problem with the link to ziphone, I actually had to use the link lower down for zibri's blog post to get the ziphone application.

    4. open your ziphone folder and extract to desktop open the command prompt. (windows button and r then cmd) or (start menu, accessories, command prompt)

    6. type cd desktop
    7. cd ziphone
    8. cd ziphone again
    9. ziphone.exe -j -a
    type exactly as as above step nine there is a space after exe and the j
    it should reboot and when you slide the bar on your phone you should see an installer button.

    10. restore your phone and you can upgrade your itunes to 7.6. go to help menu in itunes and select check for updates.

  • Johnny
    Johnny Posts: 93
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    An easy step by step tutorial can also be found @ . gave little extra information for newbies.

  • atomik
    atomik Posts: 1
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    hi. tried to run ziphone on a 1.0.2 oob.
    it was upgraded straight to 1.1.3 using itunes 7.6.

    i downgraded itunes 7.6 to 7.4.2 using pacifist.
    had an error message when i tried opening downgraded 7.4.2.
    "The file iTunes Library cannot be read because it was created
    by a newer version of iTunes."
    I tried transferring the itunes library file to my desktop and itunes
    7.4.2 opened (without my songs though.)

    then ziphone.
    placed the ziphone file to my terminal and got the following message:

    Last login: Wed Feb 20 04:42:32 on console
    Welcome to Darwin!
    marks-mac:~ querubin$ /Users/querubin/Desktop/ZiPhone/ziphone -j -u
    dyld: Library not loaded: ./libMobileDevice742.dylib
    Referenced from: /Users/querubin/Desktop/ZiPhone/ziphone
    Reason: image not found
    Trace/BPT trap
    marks-mac:~ querubin$

    tried the process about 3 times already.
    upgrading back to 7.6 then back then using ziphone again but same message.

    i used ziphone 2.4 on my mac osx 10.4.11 powerpc g4.

    help please. thank you very much!

  • DF
    DF Posts: 5
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    This method worked perfectly, the only issue I have is that youTube isn't working (can't connect to server). Does anybody know how to fix it?

  • german
    german Posts: 5
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    Does the iPhone have to be jailbroken

  • parker
    parker Posts: 4
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    how do you find ziphone on that link

  • Fernando
    Fernando Posts: 12
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    I have unlocked my OTB 1.1.1 Iphone with Ziphone and now done the same for my Friend that has a OTB 1.1.2 it worked great!

    So now How can I upgrade from Ziphone OTB 1.1.1 unlocked 1.1.1 to 1.1.3??

    Can someone please help me cause I only managed to unlock due to Ziphone being a 1 click program.

    Thank You Guys!!!!

  • Fernando
    Fernando Posts: 12
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    Just in case I did made myself clear (sorry)

    Want to know how I can upgrade my 1.1.1 Iphone to 1.1.3 with something as simply as was unlocking my 1.1.1 with Ziphone!

    Thanks Guys Hope you can help me!


  • german
    german Posts: 5
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    why does it say when it was jailbreaking that i cancelled it

  • lawrence mascarenhas
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    Thanks a million I have jailbroken a 1.1.1 and updated to 1.1.3 in 4 mins using Zbri's method-no issues-helpful website Thanks all.

  • rpalermo
    rpalermo Posts: 2
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    If you are getting errors when you try to run ziphoneGUI for Windows, it is probably because you don't have .Net Framework 2.0 or greater installed on your system. Get it from Microsoft then try again.

  • douglas
    douglas Posts: 5
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    Hello, I have quite a few questions about this process thatI would love help in answering. First of all, can this be done with a regular 1.1.3 phone or does it require a downgrade to 1.1.2 first? Also, is there anywhere to find if the jailbreak will work with my baseband and whatever else must be compatible to keep it from bricking? (I run 1.1.2 OTB). Also, as for bricking the iphone, that cannot be fixed with a restore, correct? Just checking...

    I appreciate ANY and ALL help from any of you guys! Thanks a ton!

    Also, thanks to iphonehacks for running a fantastic site! I love it and appreciate all of your hard work.


  • Ken
    Ken Posts: 114
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    I tried the method for jailbreaking the phone for windows version using itunes 7.4.2 and ziphone and it worked. I did a system restore in itunes and ran ziphone and it added the installer app. I did it foer version 1.1.4.

  • DaY
    DaY Posts: 0
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    If I do this jailbreak from 1.1.3, what will happen to my added home screen shortcut icons?

    Also, how should I backup my phone? In iTunes?

    Thanks a lot!

  • U DOGG
    U DOGG Posts: 1
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    Where can I download older versions of iPhone Firmware like 1.1.3?


  • tafara ndoro
    tafara ndoro Posts: 1
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    i followed the steps to jail break and activate my iphone but now it cant make calls. what coukd be the problem.

  • pat
    pat Posts: 32
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    I want to jailbreak my iphone version 1.1.4
    that has been unlocked for tmobile. if i jailbreak it will it revese it's unlocked state? thanks

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