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    How To Fix iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Wi-Fi Connectivity Issue After Upgrading To iOS 5



    • ClaireClaire Posts: 6
      via Wordpress
      Sorry above comment was for chap stating that this is a router issue. My 3g can see my router but the ip address subnet etc all empty and this is only since 5.1 update. I have tried all the advice mentioned above and nothing worked including forgetting the network and reset. It is so frustrating.
    • CarolCarol Posts: 11
      via Wordpress
      I'm having the same problem since the 5.1 update, I'm using a 4S and it refuses to hold the wifi passwords to known wifis.. I have tried all the suggestions here but nothing is working, how frustrating! If I had unlimited data I wouldn't even care but with it constantly dropping wifi and ended up running on my data plan, sucks! Yes, I know can tune off "G" but I dont wanna keep jumping back and forth in settings either!I hope they fix this!
    • GRiMGRiM Posts: 5
      via Wordpress
      None of these fixes work. I can't even attempt most of these solutions because the wifi option is completely grayed out, simply saying "no wifi" and I can't click on it. All I can try is to toggle airplane mode a few times, and reset the network settings. No such luck. All I can say is I'll take it to the Apple store and see what they can do or if they'll replace it. If Apple doesn't do anything to correct this, they've lost a customer, cause this is kind of unacceptable.
    • JanetJanet Posts: 4
      via Wordpress
      None of this worked. i reset the network settings and it made me restore my ipod! ugh!
    • NicholasNicholas Posts: 5
      via Wordpress
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    • HannahHannah Posts: 4
      via Wordpress
      This problem was really annoying, I couldn't live any longer with it.I've searched for a solution to this situation, A LOT.Right when I lost all hope, I came across WIRED magazine and found a review of Pong Research cases, after looking at the great feedback on their products, I decided to place my order, to finally fix the new iPad 3 poor wifi range . The back cover has a built-in antenna in between its layers, which redirects and boosts the signals and range, allowing me to getting connected from the distance!
    • I just had this issue. Fought all day long to try to get my iPhone 4 back on my home wifi. Then playing in the router settings found that the number of DHCP users was set to 5. I have my laptop, xbox, iPad, iPod, and Blu-Ray all hooked to my wi-fi, and it stopped handing out IP addresses after that. Whoops!
      Increased the number of DHCP users to 20 and got right back on.
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