Update On iOS 5.0.1 Untethered Jailbreak For iPhone 4S/4/3GS, iPod Touch 4G/3G, Apple TV 2G



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    I call everyone faggots even friends for people who cry like woman. not attacking the person who is. but if you like **** dont get offenended because i use the word faggot LMAO
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    It strikes me that a lot of the posters here are A)Trollingand B) Have absolutely no idea about hacking/jailbreaking or what it actually entails.There is all this aggression about checking for bugs but it's the hacker that gets the **** if his JB bricks everyone's phone. There isn't even a guarantee there's going to be an exploit every time. Look at the 360, still no exploit that doesn't require taking the machine apart.Anyone who takes issue with the time scales it takes to hack things, decompile the firmware yourself and start trawling through 1000s of lines of source(if you're lucky, hex/assmbler is more likely) figure out something that is not operating as it should be, try and get some custom code running. With all the bitching asshats working on this it should be hacked in days.
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    Keep up the good works :)
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    Just SHUT UP about your "updates" and just RELEASE IT.They serve only to remind people "donate!"shocker
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    Merry Xmas all jail breakers and fansRoll on the next round of jbsI wish I had the brains to jb, and if I could and had a jb tested and working if I was not going toShare it with the world, I would not be telling the world I have a jb till I'm willing to share it.The net is so full of crap and scamers about iso5 jbDev team are great but omg news and updates are a real waste of web spaceWtf is iv given dt all the files for testing? Is pod2G not a member of dtWhy has he just given them the files?Weeks and weeks he has been going on about his jb and now his given it to dev team to save a hack his got no balls he found it made it work release the bloody thing.And what a feed of sh*t we do it for the fun of it lol okGiven donations phones ipads to play with From hacking to working for applePut the jb out come onIf apple patch it that's ok think of the fun you will have finding another just for the fun of itKeep up the good work dev team
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    I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Morons, bend over for pod2g, let him in you for you know you like it!Oh! And don't forget to donate!!!!! Deuchebags!
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    keep on the good work....
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    I think pod2g got the opportunity to make some money from donation so he slow down the release of untethered jailbreak...he may have finish it but he wont release it yet I think geohot was the best jb ever too bad for us he works for apple now...$$$
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    Seriously, if I was him.. I'd tell all you lame-o fucks to do it yourself. Taunting him and demanding it now isn't helping it. It'a always you rotten apples that ruin the batch. I know you want the jailbreak now, wait till it's polished for christ sake. If he rushed it for your sake you'd be blaming him for a shoddy job. Shut up.. and show some appreciation. Amazing how ungreatful some people can be.
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    ios 5 unterthered jailbreak now available on WWW.DRAGPHONE.COM.ios 5.0.1 will be released soon :)
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    You suck. The end.
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    I find it hilarious that your sitting here trashing pod2g but I bet your the FIRST one to use his JB when it's released!! Douche!