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    Has iOS 5.1 Fixed iPhone's Poor Battery Life Issue?



    • sledgesledge Posts: 1
      via Wordpress
      I've a 3gs running ios 5.0.1 and my battery drops from 100% to 85% in under an hour, the phone not being used at all.......
    • ashuashu Posts: 0
      via Wordpress
      the new update does nothing for the battery life.mine is still the same...........drains out real quick
    • DanielDaniel Posts: 173
      via Wordpress
      Yeah...unfortunately it is...You are not alone... :P
    • LuigiLuigi Posts: 1
      via Wordpress
      I updated the OS to 5.1 and I haven't seen any improvement in the battery life. Battery last only 6 hours (drops 1% every 5 minutes) without using anything, just a few phone calls and that's it. the battery . I has such expectations about this phone and now I regret to bought it!!!!!
    • undoneundone Posts: 1
      via Wordpress
      iOS 5.1 gave my 4S on Verizon at LEAST 2 days of normal use before needing a charge!! Wow Apple, you got it this time!!!
    • ZackZack Posts: 17
      via Wordpress
      You do realize that many of us do this yet still face battery problems? It's a software issue. Don't act all superior yet have no idea what's going on. It makes you look like a ****.
    • Jonathan NeufeldJonathan Neufeld Posts: 1
      via Wordpress
      Just bought an iPhone 4S, installed iOS 5.1 after fully charging to 100%, overnight the battery usage dropped to 98% on standby. This morning I was texting for about an hour including a few picture messages and the battery life dropped to 87%. Since then I simply setup GMail on it and watched it drop by 1% every minute to 81%. I've just started the day and my phone's battery has dropped by one-fifth. I have been meticulous about shutting down running background apps and disabling background services. The only issue is that WiFi was enabled this morning during my commute. I can continue to disable everything including Siri but then it's an underutilized iPhone 4S more like a regular 4.I will be returning this poor example of technology this week and downgrading to an iPhone 4. This is not a phone, it is a battery calibration device. The battery power is worse than my 3-yo Microsoft phone. It may not be nearly as powerful as the 4S but with such shotty battery life that argument is moot. You're a sucker if you intend to stick with the iPhone 4S.I know a lot about software and how much of it is very bloated inefficient and poorly written garbage. What you people should be pushing for is better software, not better hardware. A phone with dual-processors is a sign of hardware compensating for lazy and shotty software engineering. Demand better software.
    • RickRick Posts: 104
      via Wordpress
      Only a fool calls someone else a fool. Are you that above everyone else that you think only you are right?
    • mikemike Posts: 489
      via Wordpress
      i used to own an iphone 3G on att and i had to charge it 3 times a day, once i upgraded to the iphone 4 i havent had any problems with battery life, my battery lasts all day and then some
    • MeganMegan Posts: 9
      via Wordpress
      I did not have battery problems until a few days ago. I then realized that I just did the update.. So apparently that is causing the problem
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