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    New Apple TV Teardown Reveals 8GB Flash Storage, 512MB RAM

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageNew Apple TV Teardown Reveals 8GB Flash Storage, 512MB RAM

    Apple launched the new Apple TV alongside the third generation iPad at the media event on March 7th, which brings 1080p playback capabilities to the device and gets an all new user interface.

    Forum member of has disassembled the new Apple TV to take a closer look inside.

    The teardown has revealed some interesting details about the third generation Apple TV.

    Read the full story here


    • Supaa Stahh MariooSupaa Stahh Marioo Posts: 33
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      Hate it when they make newer & more beautiful product but lack on specification. Apple can really do better -_-
    • @rtigz@rtigz Posts: 1
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      I'm glad that they doubled the RAM but wished they went with more. More Flash storage would be nice too. Once jailbroken I add more software.
    • CheckmateCheckmate Posts: 5
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      just got apple tv 3 and a bit disappointed that I can't play my video games using AirPlay only videos work on AirPlay but if u have and iPhone 4s or iPad 2 you can play games cuz it has mirroring option hopefully there will be a developer to add mirroring on iPhone 4 thru cydia cuz apple just wants everyone to buy new phones like always and it's sad that apple cant make there customers happy and support our devices that we pay a lot of money for especially that I pay 100$ for apple tv.i hope they jailbreak that apple tv and teach them a lesson for selling something that doesn't even give anything free lack of software and just so everyone know you only get 1080p if u buy movies in iTunes but don't think you will get AirPlay to be at 1080p cuz I'm still at 720p AirPlay should have just stay with the hdmi cable hope the jailbreak community will help this tv device like they always do cuz if it wasn't for the jailbreak community I would have not spend so much dam money on apple just to let you know apple the day you do win the cat and mouse game will be the day apple dies and becomes boring and away everyone will go to google and Microsoft and these companies support jailbreaking because they know it will open there devices with new ideas
    • fasfas Posts: 2,297
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      They should let that software work like it does on the iPhone, install new apps.
    • Uzial666Uzial666 Posts: 15
      via Wordpress
      I doubt something like XBMC will ever make it to AppleTV V3 as V2 has been jailbroken for ages and still has no XBMC, V3 is not much different other than it can do 1080p same amount of storage etc.I have a V1 and a V2 (Although just picked up a V3) I still love my V1 it's JB and has a external 1.5TB HD and has all my digital editions and some music on it's in a bedroom and it streams stuff to my V2 box ;-)
    • ShuaibShuaib Posts: 12
      via Wordpress
      Spelling correction on this line "It is not the same A5 chip that powers iPhone 4 and iPad 2". You missed out an S on the iPhone 4
    • ereynellereynell Posts: 16
      via Wordpress
      What u mean ? No xbmc on JB apple tv 2 ?I have it, why don't u have it ?
    • Fingers21Fingers21 Posts: 243
      via Wordpress
      I've had xbmc on my atv2 for about 12 months, since the day I bought it! What you going on about?
    • Xbmc RulesXbmc Rules Posts: 2
      via Wordpress
      Ha ha what a fool. Not upto date at all. Take a look at before making ill informed comments. Of course Xbmc can be put on the atv2
    • Xbmc RulesXbmc Rules Posts: 2
      via Wordpress
      Not upto date at all. Take a look at before making ill informed comments. Of course Xbmc can be put on the atv2
    • ...... Posts: 34
      via Wordpress
      And someone stole your period key too. What a bad day for you!
    • via Wordpress
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