Apple Hit With Second Class Action Lawsuit Over Siri



  • Will
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    Siri works a LOT better when you are not using BlueTooth headsets, earphones, speakerphones. There is too much loss in microphone clarity compared to speaking into the iPhone 4S microphone.With millions of people, means millions of ways of saying the same thing. It's impossible for it to understand everyone clearly.Also you have to differentiate Siri as a voice recognition assistant and the SERVICES it connects to to find out or do what you want.Don't confuse it's ability to dictate your commands to the functions it handles.Siri, as a voice assistant works very well enough for a dictation replacement for keyboard in Notes, Email, Text Messaging, Calendaring, etcIt is currently limited by 3rd party searching in Maps for other countries or other apps.Does Siri work?YES, for most people most of the timeDoes some of Siri's related apps work?Not in some countries or limited.Is ANYTHING 100% in this world?NOIf I buy a $20,000 car or a $200,000 car, will I get all the features I want and will it please everyone?NO
  • just a thought
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    WOW in how many ways people are trying to extract money out of apple individuals and corporates alike.
  • Paul
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    This is most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. He bought a new phone (iphone 4S) sold at the price of the iPhone 4 (when it was introduced), with a better camera, processor to name a few improvements and he is complaining about a feature (Beta) that works for most people. I should sue him for wasting my time reading this article because of his ridiculous law suit.
  • high horse
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    its because of stupid people like this that cause the prices of products to go up. companies overcharge on products in anticipation of a dumbass lawsuit. the only thing good about it is that apple is getting a taste of its own medicine by suing everyone else into oblivion, but 2 wrongs don't make a right
  • fas
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    Not surprising at all, because its not so good.
  • KR
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    If people would just talk into top mic like there suppose to it would understand people a lot better
  • chocolatefingers
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    People like you make me ashamed to be British. Siri is crap, it can't do half of the things the ads make out it can. I for one, did not know maps etc. wouldn't work when I placed my order. Is that my fault for not reading the small print, or Apple's fault for showing me an advert with that function on? Stop licking Apples arse.