MyWi 5.5 For iOS 5.x Users Brings New Wi-Fi Sharing Feature, Faster Connection Speeds & More



  • Lex
    Lex Posts: 9
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    my iphone 4s works just fine, no lagging no matter what i do
  • Shotty
    Shotty Posts: 1
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    omg why should i pay for something what repairing theirs bugs and mistakes what they done at iOS 5.x ...rly APPLE SUCKS TODAYS, Steve Jobs is turning in his grave
  • christoball
    christoball Posts: 1
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    Lol.. Assume that you're not getting apple certified software on cydia, no matter what the cost. Not that that means anything, but you don't get apple developer support. There are a lot of caveats to the different versions of IOS that make programming apps a chore. Helps to have some linux ninja hajji on the phone every once in a while