Details of Apple's new 3G iPhone

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imageDetails of Apple's new 3G iPhone

Steve Job finally announced the details of the much awaited 3G iPhone during his Keynote address at Apple's WWDC 08 event. Some of the key features to be introduced in the new iPhone are 3G and GPS. In case you are planning to buy the next generation iPhone and looking...

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  • g rod
    g rod Posts: 41
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    angered there is no MMS support. What a crock that is. I get laughed at by people when i say owh i gotta go to

    also pricier data plans.... wtf... funny there are tons of other phones that have used 3g for how long now and it wasn't more costly.

    put the 2.0 firmware a regular iphone and really all ur missing is gps, headphone jack not being recessed and no 3g speeds.

    i would have been more impressed with mms support and a front facing camera too.

    im sure they'll add mms but most likely require yet another costlier data plan.

  • Anon
    Anon Posts: 63
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    I purchased a iphone not that long ago and as the other person stated put the 2.0 firmware a regular iphone and really all ur missing is gps, headphone jack not being recessed and no 3g speeds. Doesn't sound worth upgrading to me. And how good will this gps work in rural areas seeing how it uses wifi signal and cell phone towers as well?

  • Fig
    Fig Posts: 10
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    i'm so disapointed!! i really wanted that front camera

  • Anon
    Anon Posts: 63
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    i was thinking about trying to sell my old iphone to buy this one...but with the new one only being 199$ how much do you think the old iphone will even be worth?

  • Amit
    Amit Posts: 40
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    I m really disappointed by apples new 3g iphone. i was planning to give my old iphone to my girlfren and buy 3g for myself but after seeing the new iphone i believe its not even worth to spend $199 plus tax plus 2yrs agreement plus expensive data plan for 3g iphone.

  • kody epperson
    kody epperson Posts: 12
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    will we have to get another sim card and register with iTunes and blah blah again? Pointless. But I don't know. It only being 299 for the 16 I'll probably end up getting one eventually.

  • Alex
    Alex Posts: 383
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    same here ill probably just go out and get a 16 gig and keep my old iphone and sell it later on. im sure there will people that will want the fisrt gen iphone only just its still able to add the installer app and wow what a surpriser to see moo cow on there and i bet he will start charging a grip what a sell out

  • zepe
    zepe Posts: 1
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    I'm also dissapointed because it doesn't has many features we were expecting, specially the front facing camera. I don't think I want to sign a contract to get one.

  • Mac
    Mac Posts: 132
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    is the new iPhone 3G gonna be able to be unlocked in the USA an able to use with t-mobile since it like uses the 3G ****?

    JAILBREAK 3-G Posts: 1
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    do u think the dev team can jailbreak the 3G?? or u think apple finally put a stop to it???

    i cant have a phone without mxtube!!!

  • Zahid khan
    Zahid khan Posts: 1
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    Iam pretty disappointed, still Iphone does'nt support Flash support.

  • zebi
    zebi Posts: 2
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    Who wants to spend money for Iphone!!! the time has shown to u, how useless is this overrated gadget, that caught our eyes by it high technological interface, but when it comes to usability every iphone users knows how out iphone is!!!

  • Chris
    Chris Posts: 736
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    After a firmware update on my old phone, it doesn't look I really care about any of the other new features...except the recessed headphone jack...god, I hate that thing.

  • DSM
    DSM Posts: 2
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    I own an N-GAGE QD, Blackberry Curve and an 8G iphone. I got the iphone from AT&Ts website factory refurbed with a one-year warranty last month for $250. I gotta say, the iphone sucks! No MMS, no GPS, no video, no flash for still capture images, no copy/paste feature and you can't delete certain missed/received/placed calls! It's either all, or none!!! Heck there isn't even a square root button on it's calculator (my professor teased me for that in class ;) and I hate that there is no back space button. Instead you have that tedious magnifier. When you place the cursor where you want it, the cursor sometimes jumps a space or two when lifting your finger off of it! EXTREMELY ANNOYING!!! You'd think that for all those hundreds Steve Jobs wanted for the 1st gen iphones that it would come with all the bells and whistles!!!!! It was never worth it! The upgrade doesn't seem worth it still!

  • DSM
    DSM Posts: 2
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    For a 'smartphone' the iphone is pretty dumb! You're better off with a separate ipod and a cellphone!

  • JD
    JD Posts: 82
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    originally i was not sure yet if wanted to get a new phone or not, but since i cracked my screen and apple wants to charge me 250$ to fix it i might as well get a new one. I really do like and the new jack & improved audio which is what bothered me the most about the iphone. the 3g isnt fast enough to make a difference ( about 20kb/s...lmao), and i dont give a damn about gps...the trangulation has been working perfectly. i will say this... if someone cant figure out how to jailbreak the new phone i will not buy it.

  • Bourne
    Bourne Posts: 60
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    "For a 'smartphone' the iphone is pretty dumb! You're better off with a separate ipod and a cellphone!"

    Are you fucking kidding me? Yes I agree with everyone that the iPhone 3g isnt impressive but saying the iPhone can be compared to regular cellphones is total BS. The iPhone's interface itself blows aways any cellphone out there not to count the browser and all the apps. And you clearly said cellphone and not smartphone.

  • Louis
    Louis Posts: 180
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    So many folks disappointed. They didn't know? They were going to be getting what we already got n been using, all the jailbroken features, except the enterprise but they have that new app (me) just for (you) n ( i ) phones for everyone. No child left behind with the new pricing.

    You don't have to go to : if not on att

    If you want to send mms just download the program called Swirlymms, just add this url to the insataller app ( ).

    With the price of gas going up you may wanna get a solar charger for your iphone

    This is if you don't plan on buying the new phone and want the extended battery feature. It actually works.

    In order for Swirly MMS to work on AT&T you need to do the following:

    MMS feature must be added to your account by calling customer service. So sad but I think ATT pulled the plug.
    Find your swirly swirl!

    GPS? Normally I stop into the local store and say: "Excuse me how do I get to Old Post Road North?"

    3 point triangulation won't work if the third tower is on the other side of the mountain inside the valley. If you've ever been hiking with the iphone you'd know that edge won't work till you get to the top of the mountain. So bring a compass n your solar charger.

    If we can send a man to the moon it's only a matter of time before they figure out how to jailbreak the phone. However with 75 countries now going to have the iphone available there may not be that much of a need to unlock but for sure jailbreak. Since only 2500 developers got accepted this $9.99 per app can get expensive, after sometime it will cost you a pretty penny just to have fun with your iphone. $3.99 is reasonable if the whole world will have access to it.

    What I don't get is if you flip the iphone over it reads on the back: Assembled in China. Two countries China and Russia won't be distributing the iphone, they are not included in Steve Jobs list of 75 countries.

  • dogmeat
    dogmeat Posts: 2
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    the one feature, the biggest omission I saw In the gen1 phone still was not corrected or even addressed... Stereo Bluetooth. It is a music player after all. I don't mind edge, and couldn't care less about a forward facing camera. But to not have the need for an earphone jack would have been better than a non recessed jack.

  • xcalibur
    xcalibur Posts: 1
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    this 3g iphone is no good too,they just want you to buy the new one so can have a new debt again,we better stick to our first gen iphone and enjoy it every moment.

  • VS
    VS Posts: 4
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    I wish AT&T could remove the restriction of no-corporate discount on monthly plan for iphone users.

  • sheryl
    sheryl Posts: 5
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    wow!!.. What a bunch of whiners!! Nothing makes you happy!! Even if the phone was perfect you would find something to complain about!!!!

  • sheryl
    sheryl Posts: 5
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    wow!!.. What a bunch of whiners!! Nothing makes you happy!! Even if the phone was perfect you would find something to complain about!!!!

  • JT
    JT Posts: 60
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    Sh*t. I had a 1st gen iphone on a pay as you go plan (I *don't like contracts).

    It went through the washer last month. So I figured I'd wait for the 3G.

    The 3G requires a contract.

    Oh well, maybe I can pick up an older iphone cheap on e-bay, once the 3G comes out.

    I'll wait for the 3.5 at Christmas that will correct the nearly useless camera and anemic 16G of RAM.

    The 3G is just not worth a 2 year contract with AT&T or anyone.

  • Orlando
    Orlando Posts: 12
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    I just hope that someone can unlock it so i can have it with t mobile. Can it be unlock?

  • kaamon now
    kaamon now Posts: 0
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    wow what a good quetion..can it be unlock??? or would it be able to support 3rd party apps like installer app???


  • oooscar
    oooscar Posts: 0
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    i just remember when i first got my iphone. i remember that i was very disappointed that there werent any simple games on the damn thing!! haha, but look at it now. you can hack it and get ROMS. (thank god, i thought i was going to die of boredom of the iphone). overall now i wouldnt really care about trading in my old iphone with the new one mainly because it seems like the creators are leaving room for more improvement. for personal reasons i believe that they are purposely just trying to get the iphone known well enough to have its own definition in the dictionary (just like the word MP3). oh, and im still disappointed that you cant text sideways, it still feels uncomfortable...

  • wes
    wes Posts: 53
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    I believe that with this new iPhone you must activate it in the store when you buy it. You can no longer activate it via itunes at your house. So, if you wanted to use it on T-Mobile, you would have to activate it at the store, then go home and cancel your contract and possibly pay the $150 early termination fees. Then unlock it.

  • Brandon Wilson
    Brandon Wilson Posts: 0
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    As a loyal apple only user who waited 9 hours in line to buy the first iPhone on the day it came out, I will NOT be buying this new one.

    Reasons are:

    No A2DP Bluetooth.
    There is NO reason the iPhone does not have a2dp. This device is a MUSIC PLAYER and multimedia device. Crippling the bluetooth on the phone is a travesty.

    No MMS.
    Come on, a phone that is supposed to have such amazing capabilities such as the iPhone and it doesn't have MMS?

    No background processes.
    This is once again, apple trying to tell me what is best for me. I'm getting really tired of this.

  • krissy
    krissy Posts: 0
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    I am needing a little info about my iPhone. I've had it four months and love it, but I would like some help with getting features not already on my phone. I'm not a great hacker. Thanks