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    Apple Pulls Chomp's Android App From Google Play

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageApple Pulls Chomp's Android App From Google Play

    Back in February, Apple acquired Chomp -  a startup that offers app search and discovery platform, which offered an iPhone app in the App Store and also an Android App in Google Play.

    Earlier today, Om Malik of GigaOM noticed that Apple has pulled the Android app from rival Google's mobile app marketplace - Google Play.

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    • Hmmm?Hmmm? Posts: 59
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      Was their "version' of Siri really better? I ask because if I recall correctly, Steve Wosniak said it was better before they acquired it. Too many "no connection available" replies and doesn't always correctly find what he is looking for compared to the original Siri or Android built in Voice commands.
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