Next Generation iPhone Unlikely to be Made of Liquidmetal

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imageNext Generation iPhone Unlikely to be Made of Liquidmetal

There have been some speculations lately that the next generation iPhone will be made of Liquidmetal alloys.

Few weeks back, a Korean website claimed that the next generation iPhone will be made of Liquidmetal quoting industry sources. The rumor inspired a French designer to make a stunning mockup of the next iPhone with Liquidmetal casing.

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  • Ed
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    Liquid metal reminds me of silver surfer so yes definitely make it apple you can do it
  • kk305
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    "However, that rumor should now be taken with a grain of salt, however."You might want to fix that sentence.
  • moe
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    It's probably too expensive right now.
  • Key
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    "However, that rumor should now be taken with a grain of salt."just like every other posting on this site these days....
  • Antonia
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    I have official information from a sudanese site.... the next iPhone is going to be made of: bubble gum !!! so when it drops it bounces right back.....all i can think of are people in those countries sitting around and saying: "What can we say that tons of sites will fakery report on???"
  • mkimid
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    Just clear things which have been noticed - Glass front with thinner glass deaign by 0.25mm . - Metal frame with antenna, Little bit wider at least 3mm (From the SIM tray)- Metal back cover to reduce the thickness by 0.5mm itself. And what they will change ?
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