pod2g: iPhone 4 Running iOS 5.1 is Now Untethered



  • Gore
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    Sure he was able to jailbreak his phone but what you guys fail to take into account is that he has to build the utility which takes patience and time to create and build. So just give him time to get things done. Don't forget this is a hobby not a career.
  • Mrman
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    That's not the case. It's about him producing expectations that he is not meeting! I'd rather him not saying that he has successfully jailbroken iOS 5.1, when it takes 2 weeks before it gets released. F**k that s**t! It's like taking a boys pants off, and letting him stare at u while u look at his d***k, lingering and waiting with the bj! I don't want to hold my horses till two weeks. I want my bj now! Because pretty soon my d**ck will shrink and fall back to the forest - and by then the point of a bj is gone! It doesn't help any much longer when soon another girl, Mrs. iOS6, will come along and put a lock on my johnny!What I'm saying is: I don't like Apple, like Matt Damon does in Good Will Hunting, and I need the jailbreak now! Like my man Elvis Presley used to say: It's now or never, come hold me tightKiss me my darling, be mine tonightTomorrow will be too late, it's now or neverMy love won't wait.Now get your (yes, i'm talking to you, pod-big tittes-2g, You cherub-lookin' mofo!), s**t together, and give us what you promised us. It's now or never man.
  • Dan Bradley
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    I just want o point this out, because it is something that bothers the hell out of me. These jailbreak hackers, have the absolute WORST icons of all time. C'mon what is that ... an Apple skull thing inside of a tribal sun tattoo? Just every time, they seem to be getting worse and worse. I'm a designer and it bothers me.
  • murpher
    murpher Posts: 1
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    agreed. i have 5.0.1 currently, but it's starting to need resets like every other day... so i need to re-jailbreak into 5.1btw, does anyone know if there's a way to restore into 5.0.1 now that 5.1 is out?thanks guys, yer awesome
  • Callious
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    Just wondering if there is a tethered jb for iPad 2 iOS 5.1 yet
  • scott_gallyot
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    Good. Please let us know when. Need it really badly. It look so lame when its not jail-broken.
  • bob marley
    bob marley Posts: 8
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    I hope that this will be on jailbreakme dot com when it comes out cuz I don't have a computer
  • GRiM
    GRiM Posts: 5
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    you need to learn patience if you want it out any faster you should learn how to jailbreak **** yourself but i doubt you could comprehend that so for now please shut the **** up till it is released
  • Jane
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    my iphone4 is stuck in ios 5.0 and can't find any jailbreak in the forums, i hope you can release it soon, so i can just upgrade, then jailbreak my phone..