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    Steve Jobs' Notes For His Keynotes Were Also Beautiful

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageSteve Jobs' Notes For His Keynotes Were Also Beautiful

    Steve Jobs' keynotes aka "Stevenotes" were quite legendary.

    Reddit user points us to a photo on Flickr, which gives a rare glimpse of the notes that Steve Jobs used for his keynotes.

    Not surprisingly, as Reddit user _josh points out even the notes for his keynotes were beautiful.

    The photos were taken by Flick user Jesse Wu during the 2007 keynote note address where Steve Jobs famously introduced Apple's iPhone.

    Read the full story here


    • VishnuVishnu Posts: 199
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      Truly inspiring, Jobs hired the right people.
    • BillBill Posts: 153
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      Any one know of a better Iphone hacks site, last few weeks this site has gone to the dogs, I mean really. Ive been coming here for years every day and don't know whats happened in the last few weeks. Is their someone new in charge??? First the ridiculous rumours on front page, now this absoulute tripe. If the notes where beautiful you might have a story but come on.
    • angelangel Posts: 81
      via Wordpress
      You're so right bud,Recently I have seen many ridiculous post that doesn't mean anything for most of the people. I know Jobs were and still is an icon, but we don't want to know that even his underwear was beauty (hope they never post something like this).What we really want is just info about hacks, tweaks, jb updates, etc.
    • iPhoneHacksiPhoneHacks Posts: 2,315
      via Wordpress
      Thanks for the feedback.In addition to hacks, tweaks and updates, we also cover news and rumors about Apple and iOS devices. If you don't like the rumors then you can use the navigation bar to go to the relevant section.Btw, we would love to hear what you think about the 2 jailbreak tweaks we wrote about today:
    • lifeHackerlifeHacker Posts: 0
      via Wordpress
      I have that same feeling. The site has been having less interesting posts than it used to. But I don't know if they are to blame. It just seems as if iPhone facts either just got drier or if it's just the same type of stuff nowadays.
    • stustu Posts: 48
      via Wordpress
      i have to agree with everything above
    • FrankFrank Posts: 215
      via Wordpress
      The iPhone is losing its appeal and Apple is making it harder to jailbreak and it hasn't changed in a long while it may be a little faster but not that fast battery sucks have to charge 2x a day or more never thought I would be out checking the androids and now I am interested in seeing this new blackberry
    • AlenAlen Posts: 3
      via Wordpress
      Well, to be honest, I like and all that they weite about.For example, I was furious about Rock Band, but then I read here on iphonehacks how "it was all an error" (yeah right).Thanks iphonehacks for writing about everything and not just about hacking ios devices :)
    • tsssssnyetsssssnye Posts: 6
      via Wordpress
      Different people visit this site for different reasons. Just because YOU don't like it, doesn't mean that it shouldn't be there. Take a look around you and ask yourself what other things you don't like about life. I'm sure a blog like iPhonehacks wouldn't be the only thing on your list. So stop wining and do something useful. In other words, free yourself from your conceptual thanks to the creators of this site. I think you do a good job trying to stay objective and share the news around mobile technology, not just hacking the iphone and stuff. Looking forward to more of your stories.
    • BillBill Posts: 153
      via Wordpress
      Apple has lost all Innovation, Iphone 3, 3s, 4, 4s Very small differences. The same goes across most of the produts they sell, they seem to be running out of ideas. Oh and did I mention the ipad 2 or I mean new ipad, or which is it.Was in a store the other day looking at ipads, asked the sales guy which one is the new ipad. He lifted both up. Called someone else over in the end who was still unsure. I said this one looks like the new ipad its screen is much clearer. Oh yes that must be it. I played around with it for a while (This is Nice), when the manager came over. No the other ipad beside you is the new one. WTF!!!!!
    • BillBill Posts: 153
      via Wordpress
      You hit the nail on the head, the guys in charge of the site are probably not to blame at all, the news is probably just drying up. Still love the site though, sorry for moaning.
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