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    iGPSD - Software+Hardware solution brings Real GPS to current iPhone

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageiGPSD - Software+Hardware solution brings Real GPS to current iPhone

    If you already have an iPhone and have read with envy some of the speculations surrounding the imminent launch of the next generation iPhone which is expected to have 3G, real GPS etc then you might find this hardware+software solution called iGPSD which brings true GPS to the current iPhone...

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    • bikerdudepostbikerdudepost Posts: 3
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      first i have to give major props to these guys as i know GPS is something we really need in our iphones. i really would like to know if it is harder to code something for a bluetooth GPS receiver opposed to a USB one? i personally have a bluetooth one and i use it with all 3 of my macs and in the car too it runs on its "own" battery and i think would be awesome if i could use it with my iphone. so really the question is for simplicity and why not put the time and energy into some like making a serial stack for a bluetooth GPS unit opposed to having cables and hanging out of your phone and a gps unit using your battery. me not being a programmer i really dont know if that is easier or not. it just seem i have this beautiful phone i would rather put a bluetooth unit in my pocket and have the phoen in all its beauty then to have cables and boxes hanging off getting all tangled up.

    • adam Kennedyadam Kennedy Posts: 0
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      about a year too late

    • TottoTotto Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      Man that sucked.. plus he walked into a kid after 1:17! how the hell can i use that in my car!?

    • kylekyle Posts: 67
      via Wordpress

      What a bad idea this is. Imagine if you went on a trip and actually had to use this thing? Having to plug it in and out all the time is a sure way to iFuck your iphone. I bet if you used this on a regular basis you'd iFuck the card-edge connector on the bottom of the phone. It would be more loose than my Cindy's mother after having squirted out 5 fat kids.

      Apple...get a grip and go wireless bluetooth GPS!!

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