AT&T reports iPhone 3G are Selling Twice as Fast as the first generation iPhone

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imageAT&T reports iPhone 3G are Selling Twice as Fast as the first generation iPhone

AT&T posted $30.9 billion in revenue, up 4.7% year-over-year yesterday. The interesting bit from iPhone 3G perspective is that they have reported that the new iPhone 3G, after 12 days, and despite the ongoing shortages, are selling twice as fast as the first generation iPhone last summer. Here is what...

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  • GTR
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    THanks for the update. How much longer is it going to take before apple stores get enough supplies! Do you think it'll end within a month?
    No wonder why the original iPhone didn't have 3g! Dirty Business!

  • Mr. ab
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    Hmm seems like AT&T are def. rolling in the money. But the new 3g has been prone with errors but still i wish i could get the Iphone on my verizon contract.

  • edd
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    Of course the iPhone 3G is going to sell twice as fast because it cost $200 while I paid $600 for the first generation. I'm not angry just a little upset at my self for not waiting. By the way when is the 2.0.1 update going to be available because the 2.0 stinks my phone (1st gen) was much faster before the 2.0 update also the programs didn't crash as much as they do now. Hope they fix this in the next update and I hope they do it soon.

  • Tamer
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    Hi , i do not live in usa but i have a friend is visiting the stats can he buy the i phone for me with out thr 2y contact.