Some more Hidden Features of iPhone Firmware 2.0 revealed

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imageSome more Hidden Features of iPhone Firmware 2.0 revealed

We have already seen some interesting hidden features in iPhone firmware 2.0 like the one we wrote about earlier today (iPhone Remote App also Acts as Wi-Fi Keyboard for Apple TV). iPhone Atlas has just reported a couple more hidden features. Both seem to be an extension of the hidden...

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  • raheel
    raheel Posts: 1
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    its really awesome if its really true ...

  • MarkEt
    MarkEt Posts: 1
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    What is this zoom feature ? I don't get it !

  • Marco Diaz
    Marco Diaz Posts: 2
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    He is talking about that you can zoom in the picture and them take a picture of the screen and it would like like a zoom picture.

  • QuickSilver
    QuickSilver Posts: 2
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    In the typing field if you push the shift button ( The up arrow) and tap the delete button, it will keep deleting your text until you stop it so you don't have to hold it down!!

  • Erik
    Erik Posts: 47
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    I have not seen reported a similar feature as the .com in v2. In 1.1.4 if you keep most characters pressed a little extra time you get all types of extra characters, ie: holding down "A" you get Á, Â, Ä,Æ,Ã, Å and one more. Try all the vowels, S, L, Z, C and N. You cover most languages that I know of with the characters offered.

  • kallo
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    you can also create playlists of movies (but you have to have at least one music video on playlist so itunes will sync the list with iphone) Also you can make playlists from music videos and you can watch them now vs only audio earlier) This is super!!!

  • Rl
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    I emailed this to iphonehacks guys but I don't see it up there yet so I will post here.

    (I may be reinventing the wheel here)

    I discovered that from anywhere (any program, at least ones that I've tried from) if you hit the home button twice, fast, it takes you the the favorits on the phone. I find this to be very help full. Rather than pressing home then phone then favorits.

    Hope this helps.

  • renierp
    renierp Posts: 1
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    RL, that is a function that has been available since 1.1.1, you can actaully set the double tap on the home button to a few other options if your heart so desires. Wheel reinvented

  • Rl
    Rl Posts: 19
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    Sorry. I'm a dummy. How do you set it for other features?

  • Matthew Batey
    Matthew Batey Posts: 1
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    Go into Settings then General then Home Button

  • Davfster
    Davfster Posts: 3
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    Re: Home button. (With the 2x home button set for favorites and the ipod controls switched "on" so they will appear while music is playing in the background). Before unlocking your phone - when you press the home button twice - you'll get the ipod controls - and the music will play songs in alphabetical order with the album in the background. Then unlock it and it'll go to favorites, while the music still plays. Maybe a polished wheel?

  • Jeff McCall
    Jeff McCall Posts: 1
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    I found that the iPhone V2 plays .wav files. Previously, no luck. I can now get my magicjack voicemails to play! Anyone find any other new tricks with QT?

  • Josh H
    Josh H Posts: 3
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    Also, while in Safari, if you tap and hold any image, it'll give you the option to save it. Which is pretty sweet.

    Don't know if that's been here for a long time, just haven't seen anyone mention it, and just discovered it after the upgrade.

  • Josh H
    Josh H Posts: 3
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    Oh, also, this isn't really a shortcut on the phone or anything, but has anyone noticed that you can manage music manually now?

    I love that, because having to make a playlist first, and then sync, really pissed me off. That was the one thing that made me really miss my old ipod (aside from capacity).

  • Jenna
    Jenna Posts: 7
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    Hmm, sorry in advance asking newbie question but I don't know where else I can ask question about ipod touch.
    I am thinking of getting a ipod touch for my friends' 21st birthday. So I've looked around few store to have a look. I've noticed the ipod touch (firmware 1.1.5xx) doesn't have any customization feature like iphone with 1.1.3 firmware update. Is it possible to get those customization feature on ipod touch after jailbreak? I've googled it and I've seen few people said I have to pay US$40 for customization update from apple store but not sure if I can get away with jailbreak. Many thanx! :)

  • kyle
    kyle Posts: 67
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    i foud this a couple days ago, if you have videos in a playlist (music videos most likely ) or its in an artists section u can watch when ur under the music area and when it would normallly be the album art its the video and if you rotate the phone it willl be like a normal video ..this is much easier!

  • Chase Giunta
    Chase Giunta Posts: 1
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    How about this? I'm pretty sure this is brand new in the 2.0 firmware. You can now (kinda) save SMS drafts... Remember when you would type out a long text, and back out to your messages screen to answer to another one? You'd come back to your previous conversation and retype the whole text again. Now it saves your unsent texts. So when you DO receive that text message in the middle of writing another, you can back out and check it with ease, with out worrying to rush and send the one your currently typing.

    I'm pretty sure this is new, but correct me if I'm wrong.

  • JP
    JP Posts: 28
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    I don't know if this was an old feature but as far as I recall, it was not possible. In v2 if you go to Airplane mode, you can start the WiFi and keep the Airplane Mode (No Phone) and still browse and use the Internet with a Wifi connection.

  • dp
    dp Posts: 4
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    In Safari, to jump to the top of a webpage quickly, press and hold for a second or two the very top of the window.