Step-by-Step Guide to Pwn first generation iPhone running firmware 2.0 using Windows



  • Waleed
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    Folks just got the iphone up and runing. Thanks to those that made this happen.

  • Ronnie
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    Hi folks, i'd just like to let you all know i followed this step by step info by the book and it worked perfectly first time with no hithces, i restored from backup and everything is as normal but now runs on 2.0 software. I did take my time to go through it all propperly but i am a complete novice so it can't be too hard for others. I'm running a basic windows XP laptop and my iphone first gen was unlocked/jailbroken with ziphone before hand. Thanks to whoever set this up or discovered, good work chappies =)

  • ekse
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    Need to be sure with one thing! does this custom firmware available here modify the boot logo to the pineapple?

    Id rather have the default boot logo. Can that be possible? I did the same thing for a freind on his 2G Iphone with windows with another custom firmware out there.. it worked like a charm, but as I was about to do it with my... I saw his boot logo was a pineapple.

  • mike
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    what if my 2g iPhone was never jailbroken and it was upgraded to the 2.0 firmware already what do I do
    I have tried 100 different ways nothing works
    Someone pleeeaaase heeeelp!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    P.S. I am on windows not Mac, but I can get access to a Mac

  • Ronnie
    Ronnie Posts: 15
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    At no point did i see any pineapple logo apart from the desktop icon on my pc. Mike if you use winpwn 1.0 to unlock your iphone and install the 1.4 custom firmware first then i think it will work. have you tried the details all the way? hope that helps you guys!

  • Zohaib Danish
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    If you view older comments, you will see that i have listed an easy enough walkthrough and posted mirrors for the firmware :)

  • Leonardo
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    hey i just pwn my ipod touch and it was working property until recovery mode. it just turn of my ipod and a can't turn on or fine it on itune i hold down home and of button to try to fix it but dint work. any idea how to fix it?

  • lordy91
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    Cheers for postin this
    i couldnt wait much longer havin a pc
    worked perfectly

  • Sam
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    The steps are great. I just did the process in 10-15 minutes with no hiccups. From all windows users, thank you for the steps.

  • Pri
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    I followed the above an bootneuter didn't 'automatically come up'. I now have a restored 1.1.4, all custom apps gone.

    When I ran bootneuter I set it to 3.9, neuter on, and flashed it. Anyone know what I might have missed? Should it have been 4.6?

  • Jacob
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    I am not the best on this sub, but doesn't we all get the same IMEI?

  • zank
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    everything works fine and i have installed 2.0
    but the thing is, i think 2.0 is NOT designed to work with the original iPhone because the applications takes longer time to open and to close and the phone hangs and sometimes halts.
    any idea to speed things up??

    i think i'm downgrading back to 1.1.4

  • Snappy
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    This works great, Just did my 4g Edge Iphone, now it is 2.0.

  • Lio
    Lio Posts: 1
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    It worked !
    Only problem is that all my applications are gone :(

  • Varma Datla
    Varma Datla Posts: 1
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    How do I do step 2 and 3. I dont have BootNeuter (Available Via Installer use the old 1.0 version it basically preps the phone).

    Do I need to get it from some place ?

  • shanack25
    shanack25 Posts: 1
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    please for the step 1 , should I do a Ipwner before step 2 ? I don't understand ,thank a lot

  • sever
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    It is working GREAT ! Just updated to v2.0
    I would like to clarify a thing that was a little confusing for me.

    Step 7: Run ZiPhone & jump your iPhone into NORMAL Recovery mode (available via advanced settings area in ZiPhone) -- This is the most straightforward way to get it into the proper restore mode.

    NORMAL recovery mode is simple "Recovery mode" in Ziphone (the middle button).

    The first is DFU mode, then Recovery mode, then Normal mode.

    In step 7 use Recovery mode.

  • Leonardo
    Leonardo Posts: 4
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    Thanks a lot! I just did it on my IPhone and on WinXp! Worked great.. almost risked an heart attack in some moment but... Thanks a lot Srini.

  • ekse
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    I have a doubt,

    I used ziphone to unlock my 1.1.4 iphone.

    Hence do i still need to flash the custom IPSW on 1.1.4 on my iphone?

    and do i still need to run boot neuter?

    or could i simply flash this custom file with iTunes 7.7?

  • ahsan younis
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    It is wonderfull and great. Well done iPhone Dev Team. I have MAC and Windows both. ipsw file was created quite easily but i was having trouble restoring using i tunes. tranferred my file to PC and it was restored wihtout a problem.

    I have found a link to download applications for iphone. (paid). although there is a method to install them but those wont install. Any one knows how to do it... please share.

    here is link to download applications (the method specified does not work)

  • bart
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    Great! you are heros!
    I've already tried loads of procedures to upgrade my 1.1.4 to 2.0, without succes, and with loads of **** ups on my iphone.

    At last a method that works.

    I really appreciate it! Thanks!

  • h0mi
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    What does "An unknown error occurred (1604)" mean? The restore failed.

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  • EBher nava
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    HEllo everyone
    i hAVAe a question before i do this
    nd i hope it
    well my questions is this
    i accedantally upgraded it to 2.o without hacking it
    i tried downgrading it to 1.1.4 but it wouldnt let me
    so i just restored everything to 2.o
    if i do all the steps u guys posted up
    will it stil work the same for me
    even dough i have 2.o firmware alread???
    please reply to this my myspace is
    ebher nava it says ebher as my headline nd porstar from unrated starz imm still a
    so yeah i hope u guys can give me an answer becuz damm i had to go back to use my razr nd it sux :( pLEase helP!!!!!!

  • pxl
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    AHHH THANK YOU SO MUCH you people are gods.

    ps. yes it worked.

  • Thorbjørn
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    Hi. Thanks for the guide. It worked great for me! :D

  • Christoff
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    I thought i was screwed! but this hack sorted it all out!! THANKS!
    if you already have 1.1.4 installed do you only need to neut the bootloader and upload the custom firmware?
    Bludy brilliant :)

  • jolly
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    i have created my own custom ipsw’s on winpwn, i think that i have also got back to 1.1.4 from 2.0 everytime the iphone turns on i get the itunes logo with the cable, and when i restored in itunes i got a 150x error message, from this point, you’ve said to use win pwn to pwn my iphone, however when it gets to the point of pwning it says starting pwnage and doesnt do anything else, the popup comes up i click okay, and thats it, then when i try to do a custom restore, i get error message im running 7.5, is my iphone as good as a brick? please help i’ve been trying for two days, having only just bought unlocked and stupidly updating, and i go away tomorrow would realy like to have it working! thanks in advance!!!

  • jan
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    hello, people
    i have a question as well before i flash it.
    - is the installer in firmware 2.0
    - how can i make it in Dutch

    thx for all your good work

  • razcalk
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    if i upgrade to 2.0 using this method. then happen to restore again by just shift-click and selecting the custom firmware. will it remain unlocked?