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    NES App v2.3.0: Nintendo Emulator for iPhone now includes Accelerometer support

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageNES App v2.3.0: Nintendo Emulator for iPhone now includes Accelerometer support

    ZdZiarski has just released an updated version (v2.3.0) of the popular NES app: Nintendo Emulator for iPhone with accelerometer support. NES app was one of the first native applications developed for the jailbroken iPhone. It emulates the hardware in a Nintendo Entertainment System, allowing you to play games such as...

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    • alexg626alexg626 Posts: 11
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      I download the update but had no clue what it was for. I tried playing Adventure Island and It is better to play with the accelometer because you dont have the have to use the arrows pad. You only have the A,B, Select, and the start button.
      The games seems to have a bit of a glich. They run a little slower but not enought to intorrupt your game.

    • nerdnutsnerdnuts Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      How do I upload roms to my 2.0(2g) iphone using windows. I tried ibrickr and it didnt let me navigate. Can somebody Please Help?

      Thanks in advance, Have a nice day!
      [email protected]

    • DaffyDDaffyD Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      How the hell do i save in nes emulator?? tried everything butt still dont know how to save heeeeeelp me^^

    • kennyroodykennyroody Posts: 8
      via Wordpress is a great app, Jonathan Zdziarski has once again done a wonderful job coding and keeping up with the curve.

      Accelerometer support can be a bit sticky at times, but if you feel like its just not working the way it should remember, *Accelerometer "Zero" is how you are holding it when you "Start your game". Took a couple of tries and then playing games such as Contra worked like a charm.

      Thank you Jonathan for another great revision, keep up the great work, we all appreciate it out there. Looking forward to more great revisions. (Maybe the ability to calibrate and save "zero" in settings rather than as your starting the game ;] )

      To all whom are looking for information on "installing roms on Iphone/Ipod touch" <- Try google. Better yet, youtube has some amazing videos as well.

      *Ps. Remember stealing ROMs is a crime, own the game before you get the ROM (flea markets usually have them for $.25-$.50); well worth the cost for NES on the Iphone!

    • GargoyleGargoyle Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      Loaded NES app but can't run any roms. I know the roms work...but i get an error when trying to load them

    • To save in the NES iphone emulator you have to enable write access for everyone when you create the ROMs and NES folders. You can change these atributes by using Fugu on Mac to "Get info" and check all of the permissions boxes.

    • dasejahnaedasejahnae Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      need help getting the hole set up.i put the nes thing on my iphone but didn't know what to do after that.

    • Nate PutnamNate Putnam Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      I reccomend cyberduck on the mac to transfer your roms. Once you have the roms and are connected to ur iphone via cyberduck, navigate to /var/mobile/media/ROMs/NES/. If the NES folder is not there then create one, once you have the NES folder highlight it and press command+i for information. Check all the boxes at the bottom and you will see the permission number change to 777 (I here 755 works too). Then transfer all roms to the folder, and then select all roms, and press command+i again and change permission for the roms so you can save games. Now you can play no restart required.

    • mikemike Posts: 489
      via Wordpress

      How about adding Roms from windows. [email protected]

    • PharmPharm Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      Great program. Runs and looks good. My only problem is NO SOUND>

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