iPhone Tethering is Delayed because AT&T Isn't Prepared to Meet the 3G demand?

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imageiPhone Tethering is Delayed because AT&T Isn't Prepared to Meet the 3G demand?

We had reported couple of months back about a rumor that indicated that Apple and AT&T were working together to bring the tethering capabilities to iPhone 3G. However, after that we have seen that iPhone apps like NetShare which turned the iPhone into a Wi-Fi hotspot were banned from the...

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  • Michael Madar
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    I don't know about this one. The MacBlogz guy doesn't seem to be the Brightest crayon in the box. He States:

    "AT&T Blackberry tethering is a different beast, as Blackberry users haven't caused nearly the strain of iPhone users on AT&T's 3G network."

    Perhaps this is Due to the fact that a 3G Blackberry has not Existed for AT&T till the Blackberry Bold(Which is not out yet), so they can't cause a strain on the 3G network cause Blackberrys are not using the 3G network, with this now known I can't see how that's the reason for the iPhone not being able to use Tethering. Another reason i would not Believe this is the Fact that the laptop Air Cards that AT&T use are using the 3G network and have been for a long time. In my opinion, if AT&T said that Demand is the Cause then it was an excuse to get rid of the Question for now. But then AT&T 3G networks has little coverage anyway.
    And if I'm wrong then I'll admit it.
    Till then I hope my opinion helps and my facts bring new information forward. What does everyone else think?

  • iPhoneHacks
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    Thanks for pointing that out to fellow readers, they need to be mindful of it before using apps like PdaNet.


    Thanks for sharing your views. Those are valid points. The other point is that with so many jailbroken users I am sure there are already a fraction of users who are using their iPhone as a wireless modem.

    After publishing the post the other thing that got me thinking was that AT&T and other carriers (who charge a fee for this feature) would probably like to charge users an extra amount to allow them to use the iPhone as a wireless modem.

    So it could be that Apple is working on an application that allows carriers to offer the feature in such a way that they can also charge users for it which is probably delaying this feature which is not possible to control with third party iPhone apps.

    What do you think?

  • niolasl46
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    Are we not paying anough for the use of an iphone 3G? little by little they keep on adding extra stuff to our bills. For the amount i'm paying a month i should at least get unlimited text! And if you use to much of the "unlimited' data, they will also charge you extra? AT&T is o longer providing service, but ripping us off, not to mention that we all pay for a 3G service, that most off us barely get 100% of the time (i know that i get less than 50% of 3G service). In order for AT&T and Apple to start making more money of what they are already making, the should improve coverage for one, and second improve the freaking phone! Don't get me wrong i love my iphone, but i could be a lot better, and even more, coming from these two big money making companies!

  • Awayze
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    Well, here in UK, O2 lets you tether as nearly every phone sold here can be used as a modem.
    So there'll be no extra charges for us and 3G coverage here in UK is like 95%, it has been at least 90% for the past 5 years or so.

  • BoredSys Admin
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    "However, with the launch of BlackBerry Storm dubbed as another iPhone killer which offers in-built tethering capabilities round the corner"
    Storm will be initially introduced to Verizon network exclusively, and unless my memory fails me, Verizon like tethering even less than AT&T and much more than AT&T Loves to lock down devices they sell with custom Verizon software