iPhone Dev Team Jailbreak and Unlock 1st Gen iPhone running iPhone Firmware 2.2 (Beta 2)

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imageiPhone Dev Team Jailbreak and Unlock 1st Gen iPhone running iPhone Firmware 2.2 (Beta 2)

The iPhone Dev Team who had reported last week that they have cracked iPhone 3G's baseband and are getting closer to unlock iPhone 3G have published a customary post on their blog to tell us that they have managed to successfully jailbreak and unlock the first generation iPhone running iPhone...

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  • Josh Busenbark
    Josh Busenbark Posts: 1
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    It's pretty crazy when they can do something like this so fast...these guys are really amazing!!

  • Millhouse
    Millhouse Posts: 1
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    Awesome news keep up the good work iPhone Dev Team

  • Bob
    Bob Posts: 183
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    Why is uname showing 1,1? unless thats showing the iPhone version rather than th firmware version *shrugs*

  • Greg
    Greg Posts: 106
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    Well i updated my 3g to 2.2 due to my last 2.1 jailbreakdown it left me no choice for some reason the new jailbreak worked so well i thought i was dreaming thae last one was a mess and took me 3 hrs to end up with a mess a week later with it rebooting over and over until i thought i fixed it and lost the ability to access my phone numbers in my contacts it was bad then i updated to 2.2 threw itunes and then jailbroke it and so far so good if unlocking is not an issue for you update with the 2.2 jailbreak now before you get stuck like i did and maybe loose the chance to unlock it