pod2G: Untethered Jailbreak Works on New iPad Running iOS 5.1 [Updated]

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imagepod2G: Untethered Jailbreak Works on New iPad Running iOS 5.1 [Updated]

Few days back, pod2g revealed that his untethered jailbreak works on iPhone 4 running iOS 5.1.

He has now tweeted that the untethered jailbreak also work on the new iPad (iPad 3,1) running iOS 5.1.

pod2g just tweeted:

Hey. iPad 3,1 running iOS 5.1 untethered. Next on the list: stabilizing the payload, then trying 5.1.1.

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  • Shuaib
    Shuaib Posts: 12
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    Awesome..... But release it quick in your own time
  • joe xviset
    joe xviset Posts: 2
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    release it.........or stop tweeting about it pod2gif your not careful your going end up like that turd musclenerd but atleast your work is your own unlike musclenerd with redsn0w which is still using geohots limera1n but i could not post this without saying something about ionic the german nerd who keeps releasing pictures of jailbroken stuff running 5.1 and 5.1.1 but he as no plans to release the jail break to all of us............. germans they cant get over we kicked there jew hating arses in the war
  • Que
    Que Posts: 48
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    I come to this site to see a topic with Iphone, 4s, 5.1, Untethered, A5 and Released in the same header. Everything else is secondary :-)
  • Donald
    Donald Posts: 5
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    Why do we keep hearing about all these jailbreaks and nothing to have hands on with what's the point in telling us if we can't have it. "doesn't plan to release it" wtf. I am very grateful these bright minds do this day in and day out for us. But don't tell us about them if your not going to release it. Holding off til someone finially has the ability to grow some and release a jailbreak for 5.1, I didn't have a choice to upgrade or not mine came with the 5.1 already installed. So please come on guys and gals. Release a working JB for 5.1 please!
  • Herc
    Herc Posts: 4
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    And what about apple tv3 ????
  • sina
    sina Posts: 6
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  • Lordkramuk
    Lordkramuk Posts: 23
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    FFS guys, stop moaning about the updates to these JB tweets etc, pod2g doesn't have to do this, is doing it in his own time and doesn't get paid for doing it so every time someone moans about the JB not coming or taking too long etc is probably getting on his nervesJust be grateful there is someone working on this for you, and if you don't like it then tough!Keep it up pod2g your work is much appreciated by me nd many others!
  • Someone
    Someone Posts: 39
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    You're missing the point. We're not complaining that he's taking too long to release it - we're complaining because it gets waved in our faces while telling the community that we can't have it.If you want to develop a jailbreak and keep it to yourself, good for you. But don't flaunt it to the community for scene cred. No one cares if you have a jailbroken iPad 3 if you won't share the fruits of your labor. I know that sounds somewhat greedy/selfish but what is the purpose of knowing something exists if you can't benefit from it?
  • Far Q
    Far Q Posts: 2
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    Clearly these guys are keeping u updated on their progress, the fact that ion1c doesn't want to release it is his own decision but at least it shows us it can be done, also I don't know how well u guys actually know about jailbreaking but there are a few jailbreaks out there that are very very unreliable, so they do all the testing to make sure it doesn't stuff ur phone up all together, it's good to see these guys care about that kind of thing, and yes I can sit here and gloat about it on my jailbroken 4s but I too had to wait months and months coz that's how my phone came, be patient, at least u know it can be done, when I was waiting it was very unsure if it could or couldn't
  • Callious
    Callious Posts: 6
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    Would like to say thanks to pod2g for the efforts and for keeping us updated. I like to be updated, to me it's better than not knowing at all. So iam sure that when it's ready for the public he will release. Keep up the good work, until then I will try to enjoy my unjailbroken iPad 2.
  • ereynell
    ereynell Posts: 16
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    WOW..... u people realy suck crying about no JB... I'm also waiting for a JB, but hello... Since I can't make one myself I have to put my trust to the communitys.They are doing there best, and I thank them every time they release one. It seams like u all get trolled by the marking from @i0n1c, something I personaly find quite amusing.So hold your horses everyone, and be patience.....
  • as hole
    as hole Posts: 17
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    Im done on Jailbreak for 5.1.1, the release date will be on jun 1st 2013. thank you for your patient folks.
  • shiga wire
    shiga wire Posts: 1
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    wow, what is wrong with you guy.i seriously wonder if you are okay. how can someone be that damn narrow-minded -.-
  • Crash
    Crash Posts: 0
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    Ur awsome can belive we ppl like you so fkin smart keep up the good work! Hope we get the jb!
  • kk305
    kk305 Posts: 14
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    i0n1c is the one that said he will not release his. This article about pod2G. Two different people, dude. pod2G will release it when it's ready.
  • shadowxpr
    shadowxpr Posts: 17
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    Looks like is done they are just finishing the jailbreak i can't wait...
  • Wtf
    Wtf Posts: 36
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    I think the whole point of the article is just to give us a follow up on whats going on and appreciate the efforts of what he's doing for us for FREE btw... I don't usually write on these sites, I just read and I'm very desperate to jb my ipad, but it'll happen eventually... it always does... Obviously there is a point in letting people know... I actually respect the fact that there are news letting us know about it... and a follow up is always a plus... so why not?
  • Hendrix
    Hendrix Posts: 16
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    Yess I have jail broken all iOS device up to ios 999999.090999999 but guess what I will not be releasing it. What a tosser anybody can say they have jail broken any iOS device and say but I will not release it, go Fu#k yourself you clown Stefen ester or what ever your yesterday name was.
  • big fat duh
    big fat duh Posts: 4
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    Thank you!!!! Finally someone civilized who understands what is really going on. All these trolls do is complain complain complain. If they can't come up with there own jailbreak they should just shut up and be patient.
  • Izz
    Izz Posts: 23
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    @IphoneHacksThank you for the update... But can you please stop making free advertising for that noob ionic. Stop talking about the guy, he's not important if he doesn't want to release it.Pod2g FTW
  • Chad
    Chad Posts: 26
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    He isn't doing anything for "free." I have nothing in my hands that he provided me at no cost. If it wont be released, then he's not doing anyone any favors. Simple as that. In other words, if its never released, then his "free efforts" paid off for him, and only him. Not you. I too am tired of hearing about 5.1 jailbreaks every week, with absolutely no mention of it being released for others to enjoy.
  • iOS5
    iOS5 Posts: 73
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    Good point about the asswipe. If you are not going to release it who the f**k cares if you have it. Justshavitandblowyourballs. Knowing it can be jailbroken doesnt necessarily bring more hackers on board and like some I will be a happy camper if we didn't know about it from (ion1CRAP) Now to pod2g, great work and we appreciate you. I agree with all the major bugs being flashed out before the public release. I have donated and will always if need be. Thank you
  • big fat duh
    big fat duh Posts: 4
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    There not even talking about the same hacker you idiot get informed before you try and complain even then just keep your mouth shut!!
  • Willo
    Willo Posts: 1
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    I had my 4s jailbroken but updated it last time around and therefore lost the jailbreak. Just wondered if I update to the new 5.1.1 which has just come out will that affect being able to jailbreak it when it finally gets released?
  • Simon
    Simon Posts: 134
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    I'm very very grateful for all the massive hard work jailbreakers are doing. But this site making a update on prety much something that doesn't help anyone is really annoying. One topic a week about a jailbreak is news. One topic twice a day about a jailbreak progress is just annoying. Either let us know it's available or just say nothing. Simples
  • Xay
    Xay Posts: 7
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    Whats the purpose of him telling the public his accomplishment when he want release it. Hell everybody ain't no damn device wiz
  • Andrew
    Andrew Posts: 168
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    Couldn't of said it better myself. The jailbreak will be out eventually. Remember these guys do it for free. They probably have these things called jobs so they are busy during the day. Just be patient, the jailbreak will be out soon enough obviously pod is close to having a finished product. Seems like he's only making final tweaks and tests.
  • STFU
    STFU Posts: 4
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    Moan and complain all you like, you just sound like a 16 year old on their period
  • Eric
    Eric Posts: 238
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    Joe you need to cool it. You're the reason why some of the developers for jailbreaks have quit because people like you who are impatient. Do us all a favor and just stop posting. If you're not going to post something that is positive and encouraging towards the people who work hard to give you something free then shut your trap and get a different device.
  • Stop Stalling Already
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    Dont classify ionic as a hacker please and thank you he's a script kiddie.