New MacBook Pro Retina Displays Could Cost Apple $100 More

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imageNew MacBook Pro Retina Displays Could Cost Apple $100 More

Apple is widely expected to unveil a new thinner 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display and support for USB 3.0 next month at the Worldwide Developer's Conference 2012.

CNET reports that high-resolution panels are already available in the supply chain, and that they could add a $100 premium to the price of a MacBook Pro in comparison to Apple's current laptop.

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  • Cozze02
    Cozze02 Posts: 39
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    ha al they will do is tac on more to the already outrageous price of there laptops!
  • mkimid
    mkimid Posts: 227
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    It will be a great challenge on CPU and VGA also. Relatively, VGA will got so heavy load specially 3D applications. I am not sure what graphic core can support this resolusion. More ever, BootCamp will be an issue also. because of the other OS is not ready to support such high DPI (not just number of pixel).
  • Antonia
    Antonia Posts: 29
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    well remember 2 things. the macbook pro comes with 2 video cards. 1 embedded on the core. and a ATI accelerated one. so they could use thatadditionally the icore5 3rd gen is like 40% faster more powerful than the current icore5 so maybe pushing that res isn't too much.....I AM SURE they tested :)
  • Antonia
    Antonia Posts: 29
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    easy problem to solve. don't buy it. also you are not only paying for hardware, you are paying for the entire system. Unless you are a apple hatter, you can't say windows is way better than mac os x. plus if you compare to those $500 dell / hp plastic laptops, well then you are at loss. shouldn't be here in the first place
  • lol
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    Just hope they wont be testing it like they did on the "new" ipad..overheating fail.
  • Apple employee
    Apple employee Posts: 33
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    I will say windows is better. If u want windows to work like a Mac delete everything and limit what programs u load thats what Apple forces you to do. There are few choices of programs on a Mac for a reason apple controls what u can have on ur Mac or any product they make. What causes windows problem is not windows but the fact u have many programmers writing. If ur printer driver does not like ur USB sound card it causes a blue screen of death. In a Mac it cause the system to freeze and u have to force a restart with the power button. But that's not a crash because macs don't crash RIGHT?................
  • mohacs
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    Who said that apple restricted using programs on a mac, there are lots of software for mac you can download and use it on your mac without any problem, you don't even need install it just drag into applications folder and start using, if you don't like it just delete it don't bother yourself to uninstall it! also you don't need to install some essential stuff because there are already there. device driver! what is that? couple weeks ago i bought a HP Laser Jet which produced a year later after my mac. just connected it to my router and open my mac to install it Whopss it was there already under bonjour printers, it kindly asked me if I want to use this printer i said yes, driver what is that? my mac boot up way faster than any windows PC do you know why? because we don't have 30 years old BIOS, we use EFI and apple does upgrade EFI is necessary. it is rare but lets say my mac crashed due OS corruption, i am just pressing "D" while it booting up and voila!!! i can install entire system over internet just with typing my apple ID!!! I am a person who makes money on Windows systems but for my personal life mac is the only option until someone makes better one.