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    iPhone Dev Team Releases Pwnage Tool 2.2.1 which Fixes Bug related to "Simple Mode"

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageiPhone Dev Team Releases Pwnage Tool 2.2.1 which Fixes Bug related to "Simple Mode"

    The iPhone Dev Team had released PwnageTool 2.2, QuickPwn 2.2 for Mac & QuickPwn 2.2 for Windows yesterday for iPhone Firmware 2.2 that was released by Apple on Thursday night. However, there was a minor bug where iPhone users had problems using the "Simple Mode" in PwnageTool and as a...

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    • Jose RibasJose Ribas Posts: 4
      via Wordpress

      No problem bro, my google street view is not working , could be a bug too?

    • iPhoneHacksiPhoneHacks Posts: 2,315
      via Wordpress

      Hey Jose,

      Google Street View only works in areas with Street View. If you can't get Street View on your computer, it won't work on iPhone either.

      Thanks again for the tip.


    • NaziNazi Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      2.2.1 for windows?

    • guest321guest321 Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      just googled and got this, it says iPhone 3G 2.2 5G77 Custom Restore ipsw
      i wonder if it helps?

    • Zed SefiZed Sefi Posts: 143
      via Wordpress

      I can't trust the previous download link, who said the baseband has been disabled (even if it say so). We need to download it from trusted source and this is a problem as I can trust no place except this website.

    • mikemike Posts: 489
      via Wordpress

      I downloaded a file of the same name at the piratebay. The baseband isnt upgraded, its still 2.11.07. Unfortunately the boot screen isnt the default apple and that ipsw has both cydia and installer. I like the default boot logo and i usually only install cydia and dont bother installing installer so im hoping they post another one lol. I have att.

    • Zed SefiZed Sefi Posts: 143
      via Wordpress


      There is a program available in Cydia which can change the boot screen logo to the one that you desire, so you can search for the apple boot screen logo image on google and once you get it you can use it with this program. Sorry I don't remember the name of the program but try searching for 'boot' or 'logo' in Cydia and hopefully you will find it if you got all the major sources installed already. Cheers.

    • AndyAndy Posts: 1,127
      via Wordpress

      can anyone help me , i upgrade 2.2 iphone 3g , then my iphone no service at all , and i using the unlock sim 3g , before 2.1 no problem , after i upgrade 2.2 , no service at all , even i downgrade 2.1 , the problem also same .

    • iPhoneHacksiPhoneHacks Posts: 2,315
      via Wordpress


      Based on your observation and other reader comments it appears that Apple has broken the hardware method to unlock iPhone 3G with Firmware 2.2.

      Reader, yankii, has summarized the situation here:

    • Zed SefiZed Sefi Posts: 143
      via Wordpress

      I am so tired from this, I tried EVERYTHING possible to upgrade to a custom firmware 2.2 for my iPhone 3G but it is IMPOSSIBLE on iTunes 8.0.2 in my situation. I am receiving errors 6000, 6001 & 6002 with three custom firmwares (Preserved baseband) that I downloaded from the web, and when I try the same on custom firmware 2.1 it fails too, but it only works if I use official 2.1 firmware (and for sure 2.2 if I want to lose my chances of a smooth unlocking in future) and it looks like my iTunes is the one to blame. I removed it completely, restarted the PC & installed it again, still the same damn thing, I even tried cheating on iTunes by replacing the official ipsw with a custom one of the exact same name, iTunes got fooled by thinking it is the latest firmware when hitting the restore button but that's all, process loops to infinity later and iPhone stucks with apple logo without a spinning wheel. Now I am really stuck, I have to either stay on firmware 2.1 to enjoy full features of the jailbreak + chances to unlock my iPhone in future, or I can upgrade to 2.2 using official ipsw but I will not have a jailbreak until a quickpwn software becomes available for windows and of course I will lose my unlocking chances.
      Anyone can help me regarding this? I am nearly going to smash my iPhone and kill myself!

    • DinzingDinzing Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      hello all i have a few questions im hoping someone can respond to for me

      I have the iphone 3g 2.1 and am trying to find the files and tools to unlock or jailbreak on Windows ( wishing i had a mac now) can anyone link me to them

      will the work to unlock or jailbreak my iphone and if so where do i find a reliable Preserved Baseband .ipsw file ?

    • Underwater MikeUnderwater Mike Posts: 5
      via Wordpress

      I tried to jailbreak my 3G with 2.2 firmware, using the latest QuickPwn. Although the software said that the procedure had completed successfully, the phone got stuck rebooting at the logo screen. It would sit there for about 5 minutes, then reboot, get stuck again, etc. I had to go into recovery mode and restore the original software.

      Any ideas? I followed the instructions to the letter.

    • TzafirTzafir Posts: 2
      via Wordpress

      I upgraded iPhone 3G using iTune to 2.2, I'm using TSIM and my iPhone show "no service" all time at 2.1 i had no problem.

      Can anyone help ?

    • Shaheel CaunhyeShaheel Caunhye Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      Iphone 3G is unlockable now with the new program called yellowsn0w made by the Dev Team. Simply go to the website
      and you will find everything you need there.

    • MiguelMiguel Posts: 23
      via Wordpress

      hey someone knows were can i get the 2.2.1 for windows????

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