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    Dev Team Releases PwnageTool 2.2, QuickPwn 2.2 for Mac & QuickPwn 2.2 for Windows; Supports iPhone F

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageDev Team Releases PwnageTool 2.2, QuickPwn 2.2 for Mac & QuickPwn 2.2 for Windows; Supports iPhone Firmware 2.2

    The ever-so dependable iPhone Dev team have delivered yet again. They have released updated versions of their PwnageTool and QuickPwn Tools to jailbreak and unlock the 1st Gen iPhone and jailbreak iPhone 3G running iPhone firmware 2.2 that was released by Apple only on Thursday night. They have also updated...

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    • pompom Posts: 1
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      Is there anyproblem if I upgrade iTunes to the 8.0.2 version? (on Mac)

    • SammieSammie Posts: 2
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      Is there a PwnageTool 2.2 for windows users?

    • iPhoneHacksiPhoneHacks Posts: 2,315
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      We haven't heard of any issues with iTunes 8.0.2 nor has the Dev Team warned against upgrading to it. However in case you hit a problem you can always uninstall it and install the older version of iTunes from this link:


      PwnageTool 2.2 is available only for Mac. So if you are a Windows user and want to jailbreak iPhone 3G using QuickPwn 2.2, then you will have to wait for someone to post a link to a custom iPhone firmware file created using PwnageTool 2.2 in Mac (however it should be from a trustable source).


    • SammieSammie Posts: 2
      via Wordpress

      Thanks, by any chance do you have a link to that firmware? :)

    • StilgarStilgar Posts: 0
      via Wordpress

      Well I have tried 4 times now to make a custom ipsw and it "Haz Fail" everytime. Made me download BL39 too!

      Will try using Quickpwn and see how that does

    • iPhoneHacksiPhoneHacks Posts: 2,315
      via Wordpress


      We don't have the link to that firmware yet.


      There seems to be some problem with PwnageTool and iPhones. Here is a note which recommends using "Expert mode" instead of "Simple Mode" along with some tips as a workaround.

      NOTE: ‘Simple Mode’ in PwnageTool currently only works for the iPod Touch. To use PwnageTool foriPhones you will need to use ‘Expert mode’. This is a workaround while we make an update and fix this issue. In order to do this you will need to navigate to the “General” window and change two things: Deselect “activate” ONLY if you are normally able to activate through iTunes but if you wish to ‘hacktivate’ the iPhone using PwnageTool leave it selected, you will also need to change the partition size to about 1000MB (type in the value or use the slider).

    • Ricky007Ricky007 Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      Works like a charm. I upgraded Yesterday to 2.2 from Itunes...Just used QuickPwn 2.2 everything works fine SO Far... Thanks a lot!

    • gurbazgurbaz Posts: 2
      via Wordpress

      after jail breakin my bklight is off not comin on..

    • JCiphonehuyJCiphonehuy Posts: 0
      via Wordpress

      does anyone have a link to a custom iphone 3g firmware with out the baseband update

    • Amit ThapaAmit Thapa Posts: 7
      via Wordpress

      I made my custom firmware with dev team pwnge tool , everything went good but now i don't get any at&t bar and i can't make call. it works like ipod touch. i did go to expert option and choose 1000mb but choose to hactivate. Help!!!!! what i should do.

    • ArtieArtie Posts: 2
      via Wordpress

      What if you have already upgraded to firmware 2.2 by accident, now cannot downgrade the baseband, will the Dev team release a solution for users like me?

    • AlexAlex Posts: 383
      via Wordpress

      what if i already updated to 2.2 does that mean im stuck and can not jailbrake it

    • FliteFlite Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      I've got an iPhone 2G that has been unlocked and jailbroken already and running firmware 2.0. How do I go about upgrading to the latest firmware? Do I use Quickpwn or do I use the Pwnage tool? I read above that if the iPhone 3G has already been unlocked and jailbroken that all you need to do is restore to the latest firmware and then use quickpwn. Will this still hold the unlock as well and work for the iPhone 2G? I just want to make sure before I totally screw up my phone. Thanks

    • iammattuiammattu Posts: 0
      via Wordpress

      Just applied update and QuickPwn to my 1st gen iPhone.
      Here's the steps i took:

      (note: i did update to iTunes 8.0.2 before doing the firmware update)

      1) make sure you've got the Firmware file downloaded:
      it'll be in: user (your name)\Library\iTunes\iPhone Software Updates\iPhone1,1_2.2_5G77_Restore.ipsw
      if you don't have it:
      in iTunes - click on Check for Update ... and then (when it tells you that an update is avail) - click on Download Only
      do not click on anything with the word install in it

      2) go to:
      scroll down the page until you note: Mac QuickPwn
      download Mac QuickPwn from any of the 3 links posted

      3) open up iTunes
      do a Sync (this will create a backup)
      then do: option + click on Restore ... this will bring up a dialogue box > point to the iPhone1,1_2.2_5G77_Restore.ipsw file
      let it run

      4) open up QuickPwn (probably best to have saved the program to your Applications folder (drag the app to the Applications folder)
      run it through ... be prepared to hold the home and power buttons (it will tell you when and for how long)

      5) after it's all done iTunes will ask if you want to restore from a backup ... if this looks familiar (the name of the backup) then go ahead.

    • SteveSteve Posts: 326
      via Wordpress

      apple have told me there is an firmware upgrade in 4 weeks it's to upgrade google map because in the uk only works in the USA they need time to add this feature because it was not added into the 2.2 bet you dev team don't even know this

    • andresandres Posts: 23
      via Wordpress

      hi guys, so i shouldnt upgrade to 2.2 with windows on my phone because it wouldnt unlock it? and then it wouldnt work? i read the "golden rule" like 20 times. i just want to be sure of what i can and can't do. plz, just tell me what to do :/

    • webseewebsee Posts: 3
      via Wordpress

      do i keep my cydia apps when i upgrade or do i have to reinstall them all again?

    • LeeLee Posts: 153
      via Wordpress

      Hi, i am new in iphone, i just purchased my iphone3g 1 month ago, looking for many ways to jailbreak and unlock it, and finally get to know it is unable to unlock for right now, however i would like to know how can i differentiate my iphone3g from this? I purchased my iphone3g from singapore and currently using in Malaysia (Using Malaysia's carrier) and the version of it is 2.1, able to call in and out without problem... i only unlock and activate it through itune, looking for jailbreak but worry about the unlock issue

      1)Locked iPhone 3G
      2)Locked iPhone 3G - Preserve Baseband
      3)SIM Free/SP Unlocked/Factory Unlocked iPhone 3G

    • iPhoneHacksiPhoneHacks Posts: 2,315
      via Wordpress


      The cydia apps will get wiped out when you upgrade and you will need to reinstall them.


    • iPhoneHacksiPhoneHacks Posts: 2,315
      via Wordpress


      Since you are a Windows users, you have the following options as per the Dev team's notes depending on the type of iPhone you own:

      If you have an iPhone 3G and you want the ability to unlock it using Dev team's software method whenever they release it in the future then you should use the custom iPhone firmware without the baseband firmware update. However to create the baseband firmware update you need a Pwnage tool which is only available for Mac. So you will need to wait for the custom iPhone firmware (created using a Mac) to be available from a trusted source.

      If you have an iPhone 3G and do not want to ever unlock it then you can use the tools to jailbreak your iPhone and install Cydia.

      If you have a 1st gen iPhone, then you can go ahead an use the tools to jailbreak as well as unlock your 1st gen iPhone and install Cydia.

      Hope this helps!

    • RyanRyan Posts: 260
      via Wordpress

      Just upgraded this morning and used QuickPwn. No problems at all... Thanks dev team!

      Firmware is good so far, liking the Safari upgrade. Getting really impatient with Apple regarding simple copy and paste though!

    • WagnerWagner Posts: 10
      via Wordpress

      hi guys i upgrade my iphone first generation to latest firmware and went straight to jailbreak usin here is what happened...

      1. i cant locate the settings app.
      2. i clicked on cidya and installer to be addes. but only installer shows up.

      now can you please tell me where was my mistake?

    • DereckDereck Posts: 16
      via Wordpress


      How to you know that you have created a custom ipsw file without baseband upgraded? Is there any option to select/deselect in pwnagetool?

    • altanaltan Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      what about mobileinstallation patch for 2.2 update? can we use 2.1 firmware s mı patch?

    • ChrisChris Posts: 736
      via Wordpress

      Works great! I was dumb and upgraded my phone to 2.2 through iTunes, so I was really happy to see this version come out. Thank you so much!

    • Quote:
      SIM Free/SP Unlocked/Factory Unlocked iPhone 3G
      This applies if you bought your iPhone 3G for $$$$$$$. This model of iPhone 3G doesn’t have an Service Provider lock (aka factory unlocked) and you are able to put any SIM card into the phone and get service. Your phone is already unlocked so you do not need to worry about baseband updates, simply upgrade to 2.2 using iTunes and then use QuickPwn to Pwn and Jailbreak. This will add Cydia and Installer too.

      I bought my iphone3g in singapore and its alr unlocked by the service provider when i got it... so can i jus quickpwn it?

    • Love my iPhoneLove my iPhone Posts: 8
      via Wordpress

      Just want to share this: if you use turbosim to unlock your iphone 3G, you can update your phone to v2.2 using pwnagetool custom ipsw. By doing this, you have preserved baseband version which will not effect the way your trubosim works, otherwise you have either to update the firmware of your turbosim (if it is available) or buy a new one which supports v2.2 in the near future.

      I have personally tested it. I have updated my iPhone 3G to v2.2 using pwnagetool and my turbosim is still working.

    • iPhoneHacksiPhoneHacks Posts: 2,315
      via Wordpress

      @[email protected][email protected]

      We are not sure what you mean by "alr unlocked by the service provider when i got it". Singtel is the exclusive carrier of Apple's iPhone in Singapore. So if your iPhone 3G has been unlocked by them and you are able to use SIM of any other carrier (without any hardware unlocking method) then the note that you have quoted should apply.

      However, if you had bought the unlocked iPhone 3G from the grey market then you might want to use the latest PwnageTool to create the custom firmware to preserve your iPhone's baseband firmware.

      @Love my iPhone,

      Thanks for sharing your experience. We have updated this post with your comment:


    • RazrRazr Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      I have used the quikpwn 2.2 and everything went in fine, but when I insert my AT&T Sim, it directs me to connect to itunes to activate phone, do u have any suggestions?

    • AlexAlex Posts: 383
      via Wordpress

      Can someone direct me to a custom firmware 2.2 for 1st gen iphone. I can never make a custom firmware myself, and would greatly appreciate it if someone could make it for me.

      I'm running a 1st gen iphone 2.1 on t-mobile.

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