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    Apple Becoming a 'Far More Traditional' Company Under Tim Cook's Leadership

    SystemSystem Posts: 446
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    imageApple Becoming a 'Far More Traditional' Company Under Tim Cook's Leadership

    In the latest issue of Fortune, Apple watcher Adam Lashinsky published a lengthy story on Tim Cook, and how Apple is embracing a more corporate and open culture under his leadership. Thanks to Lashinsky's insider contacts in Apple, the story reveals a number of previously unknown facts about Cook. 

    Read the full story here


    • pakakupakaku Posts: 31
      via Wordpress
      I read MBA and can't stop hearing "MacBook Air" in my head
    • Cozze02Cozze02 Posts: 39
      via Wordpress
      Good, not saying jobs wasnt great, but keeping the employees and share holders happy is very important to.
    • geekinitgeekinit Posts: 65
      via Wordpress
      I think Cook will do great things at Apple. Apple needed Jobs to bring it back to life but maybe Apple needs Cook to press on in an increasingly competitive mobile world. I hope that Apple will press-on without using committees to make decisions, I hope engineers get priority over marketing but also hope that Apple can cure the somewhat closed image many individuals seem to have adopted regarding Apple platforms. :)
    • ZangyZangy Posts: 6
      via Wordpress
      No just no... it is closed for a reason and a GOOD one at that...I will see nothing special if all of a sudden they aren't all closely integrated because of hardware/software fragmentation...
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