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    iOS and Android Accounted for 82% of Smartphone Sales in Q1 2012

    SystemSystem Posts: 446
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    imageiOS and Android Accounted for 82% of Smartphone Sales in Q1 2012

    Research firm International Data Corporation (IDC) today released numbers for Q1 2012 showing that smartphones powered by Android and iOS accounted for eight out of every ten devices. A gain that has "successfully distanced [iOS and Android] themselves from previous market leaders."

    As Android and iOS show big market share gains in the first quarter of 2012, the market share of previous market leaders including BlackBerry and Symbian, have plummeted beyond the power of innovation.

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    • QueQue Posts: 48
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      Go Android!!!!! Yes, I know we got 1000+ different phones, but a win is a win :-)
    • ScottScott Posts: 164
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    • BobBob Posts: 183
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      Never been an Apple fanboy but I totally ditched Android after my first smartphone (an HTC), Apple will probably have better numbers in a few years when more people do that ;p It wouldn't hurt matters if they lowered the prices a little either.
    • GrimeGrime Posts: 216
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      Glad to hear Android is doing so well. Healthy competition always benefits the consumer. Also as Bob pointed out Apple's pricing is what keeps their numbers behind Android. Prepaid deals such as Straighttalks unlimited everything $45 dollar plan coupled with decent $150 Androids and other similar deals among carriers will continue to drive higher sales. Consumers know a deal when they see it. I've owned every iphone and I'm a satisfied customer, but if Apple continues to offer higher priced hardware such as their desk and laptop computers compared to windows they'll always find themselves behind the competition in regards to total units sold. I can't quite recall exact numbers, but iphones sold for more than $1000 a few years ago. Had it not been for the stiff competition between Iphones and Androids I'm sure Apples prices would have stayed the same or increased overtime. Apple makes more than a healthy profit when you consider how much its cost to build an iphone as opposed to its selling price and for that reason alone I hope Android continues to dominate in smart phone market share.
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