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    iPhone Firmware 2.2: Problems and Workarounds to Fix them



    • PetePete Posts: 92
      via Wordpress

      After 2.2 battery life down by 50%. Safari freezes up often, appears to crash. Phone listing of "Recents" or "Contacts" freezes up and will not scroll, usually after switching to phone from some other app.

    • KaranKaran Posts: 10
      via Wordpress

      I cant sync my itunes - my apps from 2.1 & the play list show in itunes but when i sync them they dnt show on the phone.
      i have given up, please help or tell me how to go back to 2.1 where i can enjoy my phone.

      thanks & regds/ KV

    • cpennercpenner Posts: 10
      via Wordpress

      karan, in iTunes before you sync, does the applications tab have all apps selected, or just selected apps?

    • DangerousDangerous Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      Battery life severly decreased and gets hot really quick during use and charge
      Battery drains on sleep mode
      Safari crashes constantly
      3G connection is slow
      Wifi is having issues such as no Connection when I'm connected at home, runs slower like a page loads normally than at the same spot (3/4 maybe a tiny bit more) it stops for like 20 seconds, never did this before
      On the typepad some keys don't pop up
      All apps stop working at the same time
      Updates dissPeR saying all apps up2 date
      The other day I got the rcovery mode screen after powering down and powering back up, upon iTunes connection it didn't recognize my phone and I got 6 different error messages but It synced after I pulled out my USB and put back
      Sometimes my speakers stop working
      All my purchased songs are gone
      My cell reception has kicked the bucket it's garbage now constantly searching, no service or 1 or 2 bars
      Phone freezes up, never has before ok ok once before but this time for like 30 min each
      I think that's it. My phone isnt unlocked or never been jailbroken and it's a 3G. I restored it, no help. Next I'm gonna attempt to get 2.1 firmware back tomorrow. I'm hoping it's gonna work and not brick my ish like it has to others. Ima get the last iTunes version and see.

      Oh yea YouTube videos sometimes stop playing even after the whole video is loaded. I know there's more but those are the main things, that's prolly it tho

    • uk5amuk5am Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      Yes, my battery life is still bad even after reverting back to 2.1 from installing/upgrading to 2.2! Plus I had 2 funny problems when calls came in. If the person was in my phone book it would just vibrate and not ring at all. Then it would ring out and go to voicemail but I cannot "slide to answer" because it would not allow me to slide - nothing happens on the touch screen! Got fed up and thus went back to 2.1 within hours. Now battery life sucks!

    • EmilEmil Posts: 4
      via Wordpress

      Dude's i'm not sure if the problem with my speaker appeared because of the hardware. Since I've updated my 2g iphone to 2.2 and jailbroken it, the speaker sounds like broken. But before the update everything was pretty fine. Any similar situations or solutions?

    • TYTY Posts: 41
      via Wordpress

      I have upgraded my iPod Touch (1G) to 2.2 and QuickPwn'd it. All seems to work fine, except I can't install new Apps. I have iTunes 8.0.2, and I gett the following error: The Application was not installed on the iPhone because it could not be verified.

      I have tried installing a new free app, turning off the iPod touch, and then turning it back on. But unfortunately, this doesn't seem to work.

      The apps that were already installed on my iPod touch before the update to 2.2 are working perfectly, but the new apps I am trying to install do not work.

      Does anyone have any idea what is wrong?

    • SalSal Posts: 6
      via Wordpress

      Gotta love Big Broth.. I mean Apple - the only way to make the iPhone 3G work is to disable the 3G.

    • SohailSohail Posts: 2
      via Wordpress


      I have unlocked my iphone. I can make calls and receive. I cannot access internet. i can see the 'E" on the home screen. but cannot access internet. I am using a 2g iphone, the version is 2.2. Please advise.

    • Howard LingHoward Ling Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      I'm having an issue with dropped calls after upgrading to firmware 2.2. My iphone is jailbroken and unlocked, both using software methods from you. I unlocked the iphone using "yellowsnow." After this was done, I'm getting more dropped calls, unlike before. I can see the signal strength from full-strength to none and back. I would appreciate it if someone could help me out. Thank you.

    • ClarenceClarence Posts: 2
      via Wordpress

      After following the steps to jailbreak my 3G iphone, I could not sync my new games into the phone, error message "it cannot be verify". Please assist.

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