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    Dev Team Publish Video to Demonstrate Ability to Run BackGround Tasks; Even Closer to Unlocking iPho

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageDev Team Publish Video to Demonstrate Ability to Run BackGround Tasks; Even Closer to Unlocking iPhone 3G

    The iPhone Dev Team has published a video to demonstrate that they are now able to run background tasks on iPhone 3G. When the dev team had cracked iPhone 3G's baseband couple of weeks back we had mentioned that they were closer to unlocking iPhone 3G. With this ability to...

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    • JOHNNJOHNN Posts: 2
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      im dying for the software to come out so I can go out and buy a 3G iphone. I've got it all worked out, get my gf a plan with At&t, buy the iPhone, and use it with my TMobile plan.

    • AmitAmit Posts: 40
      via Wordpress

      I am planning to visit hongkong next month and i need my 3g iphone to be unlocked to use the local sim over there. I am waiting anxiously for that break through by dev team. I wish they will achieve it before 15th of next month so i can utilize my iphone there.

    • blurblur Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      yeah! longing for that.

    • Marv0Marv0 Posts: 2
      via Wordpress

      This is a comment to the first comment ;)
      The DEV Team stated that they don't know if the software unlock will be available for firmware 2.2. If you buy an iPhone after 2.2 was released (i guess today) it is just a matter of time until you can only buy preinstalled 2.2 iPhones. So maybe you should hurry up !!
      I bought my 16GB iPhone in swiss for about 390 EUR what are currently 490 USD

    • qwertyqwerty Posts: 8
      via Wordpress

      iphones sold in HongKong and Singapore are both officially unlocked so they can be used anywhere. Amit, you may want to buy a no contract set from Hong Kong...

    • deezdeez Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      you can downgrade your firmware when restoring by using the shift + Click: Restore (PC), the mac is something similar. You can choose what ispw file you want to restore the phone with. google the firmware bundle you want to install, download it separately and restore in itunes with the method mentioned above.

      Note: Only 2g iphones for bundles before 2.0, 3g 2.0-2.1. Make sure you download the correct version for your phone and backup your info. BACKUP YOUR INFO.

    • BurghulingBurghuling Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      okay, i really am in need of the unlock...i could wait a little bit longer..currently, am using Turbo Sim to i can use any sim card with my iphone 3g but most of the time i get no signal, i hope the unlock solves my problem...and please keep us updated with the latest info about the update 2.2 and the unlock

    • lawrencelawrence Posts: 5
      via Wordpress

      Have one person with an HK unlocked phone who upgraded to 2.2, and it SIM Locked, so even if you have a real HK version, be careful of upgrading!

    • bmabma Posts: 2
      via Wordpress

      Im dying to know when the software unlocking comes out~! I am goin on a trip half way across the world and I am hoping the unlocking will come out asap =) KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK DEV TEAM!! props for everything.

    • georgegeorge Posts: 88
      via Wordpress

      Please i need a link to download the Iphone3G unlock software, can some one help me? Thanks to yall

    • Condo KingCondo King Posts: 2
      via Wordpress

      When is the software be out? Is this going to work?

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